500 American Silver Eagles - Probably not 2018 - Deal resurrected

500 American Silver Eagles - Probably not 2018 - Deal resurrected


Uhm… the Franklin Mint is a private mint, nothing it makes is collectible as far as I know (is that why “collectible” is in quotes?). The govt minted ASEs are 0.999 silver and while I haven’t seen them “tarnish” like silver jewelry might after exposure to skin oils, they do get orange and milk spots due to imperfections or dust, even while in their original or graded plastic cases.


This definitely applies to me. I am your quintessential “know-nothing” when it comes to the silver marketplace, and many other things for that matter. Is it possible somebody out there could know less about silver than me? I guess so, but that is difficult for me to believe.

I did buy the coins for your latter reason. All my financial resources (not real estate or minerals) were (essentially) in American (paper) dollars. Thought a teensy bit of diversification might be in order. So not trying to make money on the coins, i.e., have no plans to sell.

All that said, could have had a bit better fortune with my purchase had I merely waited a day or two. But that is the story of my life with all stuff (e.g., stocks) which trade in a marketplace. I never, ever, get the timing right. I’m a marketplace nincompoop, whether it’s stocks, silver, you name it. I’m hopeless, and always have been.

Only marketplace where I ever made any money, and this was years ago, was in bonds. I did do quite well with all sorts of bonds; not bond funds, mind you . . . actual, individual, bonds, which I researched and then bought issue by issue.


Just checked price again. Oh my goodness it’s below $8100 now. Wonder if it will fall below $8000. At $8000 the cost would be just $16/coin.



You didn’t buy them as an investment. Silver prices fluctuate. This is normal. If you aren’t planning on selling them, the price of silver shouldn’t matter to you. If it makes you feel better, be happy you didn’t buy in January when each coin would have been $3 more.


Can’t. It’s my little OCD problem. :rofl::rofl:

Seriously, it’s all good. I realize the price will fluctuate. Course if it goes back down to $10 I might be singing a different tune. And I might buy more coins, too!


ASE are coins not rounds. I did not refer to any coins, I only have a couple coins. The pseudo-currency that’s US denominated was “issued” by territories like Marshall Islands and minted by private mints, sold as collectibles (I don’t remember if they were by Franklin as well).

Yes private mint and yes why in quotes. It was a company that sold “collectibles” and things marketed new as collectible are generally not… And were certainly not worth the high prices they sold them at.

Otherwise a reputable mint though, their 0.999 was 0.999 and their 0.925 was 0.925.


Oh my goodness. Does anyone know what happened? I just checked and the monster box (see OP) price has drawn near to $8500!!

How on earth could that happen?

I know the stock market is way up today. Does the stock market also impact the price of silver?!

OK, I just checked spot silver price. Sure enough, at noot ET today the price spiked higher BIG TIME. But why? I dunno.


1.1% is not a “spike”.
Probably triggered by something the FED chair said.



Yeah. Maybe spike was a poor descriptor. It was more like a step function. The price did spike . . . but then it remained at the higher level. Amazing stuff. Never saw it coming.

Monster box price is now over $8500!! I do not own assets that vary in value like this . . . well . . . . I guess I do now. Anyway, it’s a kick when the price is ascending. When the price falls . . . . . not so much. But either way, this is a new experience. It’s a little nutty.:grinning:


Too bad you weren’t around when silver hit nearly $50 just recently (5-7 years ago). I was in and out of the game around that time and boy was it crazy. Especially when flipping the 25th anniversary ASE sets and the 5oz state quarter sets. Some good money was made on those, not to mention just regular old bullion arbitrage. This was back when eBay bucks were earned in the bullion category too.


I thought the 25th anniversary ASE set kept its value pretty well… no? I should have 2 unopened boxes somewhere…


I think jay was alluding to the fact that if you got one direct, you were able to flip it immediately for a nice profit.


Yeah, or if you, your sister, sister’s brother, brother’s sister, mom’s son, etc. got one… you could all flip them for a nice profit. Just sayin.



Price is back down in the “turlet” again. That big rally did not last very long.

You click that link in the OP and only God knows what price will come up.


Got one… or the limit five, which apparently every buyer that was able to get in on them got.


With reference to the OP, price has headed north again. But the monster boxes remain for sale at this posting and it says they have sold three boxes in the past 24 hours, probably yesterday when the price was lower.

I’m expecting to receive my own monster box tomorrow, and the single coin I bought today. Can’t wait to actually SEE one of these darn things. :grinning:


The single coin I bought arrived from Indiana via USPS. I like it a lot. Never had one of these coins before this.

Looking at the coin I can see why it is valued above just the value of the silver. And the intricacy of the entire design lends credence to the coin’s authenticity, providing the kind of reassurance I had sought and hoped for that this really is one ounce of .999 silver, and not a fake. Course that reassurance comes at a higher price, but it is worth the extra cost in my view.

Difficult to believe there will be 500 of these coins arriving tomorrow. Remarkable stuff.:grinning:

There is not a dull moment in this life.


Personal anecdote

Everyone will remember the “buy dollar coins from the mint at a discount deal” on FatWallet some years ago. Shipping was free. Boy, those were the days! :grinning:

Anyway, for reasons inexplicable I kept, and still have, a single roll of mint George Washington coins obtained during the course of that old deal. Each of those coins is valued at one dollar and the roll at twenty-five dollars.

It is fascinating, even edifying, to compare my new single Silver Eagle coin with that roll of George Washington coins, supposedly worth more:

The radiant Silver Eagle coin, at a gut level, just looks like “MONEY”. The George Washington coins, by comparison, look phony.


Or rather, the Silver Eagles look like PRECIOUS METAL and the GW coins just look like plain old currency.


Good point. There is merit in comparing the GW coins to paper money.

The silver eagle coin, OTOH, is . . . . well . . . . it’s real silver.

I mean, observing that silver eagle coin, it says to me “I have value”. It’s no wonder people like these things! Price is up too high for me, though, well over $8500 as I write this. Maybe if silver goes to $10 I’ll buy another monster box.:laughing:


Argyll, I do think it is real, based on what I’m seeing. I believe the Chinese and other counterfeiters would not go to this much trouble to create a fake silver coin. They would expend their efforts instead on gold and platinum coins. That’s one reason I’m focusing on silver and remaining clear of gold. A single gold coin like this (1 ounce) would be worth over $1200 . . . as opposed to a measly twenty bucks. For $1200 it’s worth spending the time and effort to create a good counterfeit coin that can pass muster and fool most people. But for just $20, not so much.


That seems like a silly line of reasoning, although I’m not saying to worry about it. Most of the cost is to make qty one. Once they’re setup they can make 10000s. ASE are also less likely to get as close of scrutiny individually, because they’re not $1000 each. There’s usually more traceability on where $1000 items come from. Rather than just sell counterfeits, more likely they’d be mixed in with larger lots with some genuine coins. Most buyers may even never plan to open up the lots to inspect.
Search for “counterfeit silver eagles” on Google. They certainly do “exist”.

I would guess it would be reasonably easy for me to spot a counterfeit if I researched what to look for and were only buying mint ASE coins. But worn coins lose some features and seem like they’d have a whole different set of things to look for.

As I already mentioned, I’m not in the coin game at all. Mainly have the few $k worth of rounds. I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert.