500 American Silver Eagles - Probably not 2018 - Deal resurrected

500 American Silver Eagles - Probably not 2018 - Deal resurrected


Am now seeing seller willingness to take orders for 2019 silver eagle monster boxes, as well as for smaller numbers of 2019 coins, e.g., unopened 20 coin rolls.

As noted up thread, early purchase of 2019 silver eagles this way from a reputable seller whose dealings are with the mint itself should help ensure against fraud.


Stipulated the aforementioned 2019 coins will be more expensive than the “any year” coins featured here on this thread. But the 2019 coins will be brand spanking new, “minty fresh” if you will, whereas “any year” coins tend to be old and not fresh from the mint.


Checking the link in the OP, price of the monster box I bought a while back below $8200 has ballooned to over $8800.

I wish I understood why the price of silver is up. But I surely am not complaining.


Only heaven knows what the 2019 boxes will sell for. But price is looking to exceed nine grand IMO.


What can I say? Silver is up a bit. The monster box in the OP is, at this time, over one thousand bucks more than what I paid back toward the end of November. I’m gonna need an armed guard if this keeps up!:grinning:

Well, OK, I’m actually well armed so I guess I myself am the guard. Anyway:

Perhaps of more interest now, the 2019 monster boxes will be shipping very shortly. This deal is the lowest price I could locate. Cost is more than the monster boxes in the OP but these coins are BRAND SPANKING NEW!!:

Fly (2019) Eagles Fly!


Guys this deal finally sold out. There was quite a lot of interest in the link in the OP, so if someone comes across a LIVE deal for silver eagles of unknown date, selling cheap, feel free to post a new thread and link.

Perhaps this same seller will come forward with such a new deal. The guy sold a TON of those monster boxes beneath this old deal.

Or perhaps now, instead, most people are opting for the 2019 coins. I dunno. They cost more, that I do know.

Now if it were me, I would hold off and then buy the 2020 coins in a year. I would rather own the first coins of the 20 20’s than the very last coins from the 20 teens.


Moved back to live hot deals. This deal appears, as if by magic, to have been brought back to life. Guess the guy found some forgotten monster boxes that had been hidden away somewhere. :grinning:

Price is back up, too. Hmmmm :pensive:


The Fed’s announcement yesterday afternoon, following the FOMC meeting, weakened the dollar. This appears to have caused the silver price to go up.

Price of the monster box in the OP is as high as I can recall seeing since commencement of this thread.


Those posts are from back at the end of last year. I now have a better handle on this and can offer a bit of counsel:

Do not open your monster boxes unless forced to do so. The coins are worth more to a dealer if the box is unopened. In summary:

These silver eagles possess simultaneously both bullion and numismatic value. The former moves up and down with the price of silver and does not depend on your monster box being sealed or unsealed.

The numismatic value of each coin can be determined only following third-party grading. MS-70 or MS-69 silver eagles will elicit from coin collectors premium prices in excess merely of the silver value. But only a small number of such high value specimens is likely to be found in any unopened monster box. There are a couple of considerations:

The coin will need to have survived unmarked contact with other coins in its tube. The coin will need to have been struck with good condition dies.

When an opened monster box is presented to a dealer for bid, the dealer just assumes the coins it contains have been cherry picked, with all high quality coins already gone.

The deal in the OP should be avoided by anyone buying in effort to maximize numismatic value . . . . even though you might get lucky. It could happen. But to maximize value with any monster box purchase:

Buy as early in the year as circumstances allow. Pre-order if possible. You want to obtain the earliest coins you can which presumably will be struck with fresh dies.

Ship choosing the most gentle alternative available. Upon arrival, treat your monster box carefully. Do not drop the box. Do not jiggle it about to hear the coins inside clinking together. Be gentle.

As for me, my box remains sealed and will remain sealed. But if I do this again I will not buy another “any year” box. Instead I’ll spend a bit more to obtain the newest coins I can.