Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union


I got an email from Purepoint saying my rate just went up to 1.9%. I’m glad I moved to Purepoint 2 months ago. Alliant probably is flush with cash and doesn’t care too much about keeping customers given many are using the free checking accounts so they’re pretty intertwined in every day spending.

There are other reasons to stay with Alliant (which I’m sure many of you will continue to enjoy), but the only one for me was the previously high interest rate.


I had the same issue just now that Patty had in February. All my transfer accounts were gone (and I have about 10). I was really annoyed for about 5 minutes. However, I logged out and back in and they were there again.


Did the ACH limit to transfer money out of Alliant drop? Thought it was $100K but today when I tried to make a transfer it is limited to $25K.


To the best of my knowledge about Alliant CU transfers. I can ACH transfer $100k into Alliant but only $25K out per day. At one time we could do both ACH in or out at $100K but that has changed. (at least for me)


Yes I thought it was $100K out too. Want to move money from 1.80% at Dollar Savings to 2.24% at Northern and Alliant is my only linked account with Dollar.


Yes…that had been changed quite some time ago…It’s $100,000 incoming but only $25,000 on Outgoing now…


Suppose I could transfer to checking, then write and mail a check. Wonder if I lose less interest.


Is this an ACH push limit? Why not initiate a pull at Northern instead? I didn’t think anyone could limit external pulls.


Pull limit at Northern only $5000.


How annoying :smile:


I agree with pattyb53 and with craig10x.

However I think there might be an additional overall daily ACH limit which encompasses both incoming and outgoing funds on the same day. I run into this limit so seldom I really cannot recall what it is, if it exists at all.


Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been pushing the 25k credit line every month since my letter of irregular activity. No problems yet


btw… you can buy 500.00 vgc in grocery store along with a couple items and still get 3%. Since they refused 2 2500 charges at gift, I have been doing this. They never even notified me of denied 3% until after the billing period. So f em.


Key question for you, barrytuneup. Hope you see this and are willing to respond:

You mentioned they denied the 3% on two $2500 charges at Question:

Did they deny you the first time you tried to charge there?

Or had they previously (prior months) given you the 3% on giftcardmall purchases and then they changed their treatment of a charge there in a later billing month?



As of March 1st(?) they stopped giving rewards for giftcardmall purchases, along with a couple other merchants Their grounds were/are the cashback terms already include an exclusion for gift cards, and it’s hard to call that bluff when in fact that’s all the merchant sells.


Thank you, glitch99. That is a real help to me to know. I was not aware.

Thanks again.


Significant “toe stub” situation for me this morning involving Alliant bill pay. Ran into one of those “who the hell knew” situations:

So there I am going along scheduling bill payments for today. I was doing them one at a time. Finished a few. Get to my payment for Citizens Bank and click . . click . . click . . . nothing. Suddenly it’s not going through! And I need to make this payment!

Bottom line, discover for first time Alliant places a $30,000/day limit on bill payments!!:grimacing:

Now am forced to make remainder of payments tomorrow. Annoying? You bet. Am hoping for the best.

Somebody needs to impress upon the Alliant decision makers that we are well into the twenty-first century. An American dollar today does not have the buying power it had back in the twentieth century, where their minds remain.


Thanks shinobi. I didn’t realize there was a limit on Alliant bill pay. I have paid some large payments in the past but, I guess never over $30K. But I know we can still make & pay larger checks. But actually I’m not sure if they have a limit on amount of checks. Guess I should check with Alliant.


No problemo.

Yes, I concur. It seems pretty much wherever you look there are transaction dollar limits at Alliant which can be unpredictable. It never even occurred to me there would be a limit on bill payments. I’m fortunate, I guess, the limit is not lower.


not denied for 3x. Bought about 10k at GCmall over 3 months. Then all of a sudden… denial. When I would add up my charges and multiply by 3%…all was good then it didn’t add up. I emailed them and was told GCMall is not a 3% back merchant. The T&C state they have the right to decide anything they want. But no notice ahead of time. Never gave reason, just arbitrary. But I didn’t want to cancel the card as it is useful with the 2.5 and fee starting in Aug. So I exploit the loophole by buying GC in grocery with my groceries, and Ill see what happens. Buy 1only per trip.