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Still no increase on the checking side. I wonder if/when we’ll see an increase there.


Has anyone ever used the Alliant bill payer service on a Sunday and had the payee receive that payment the next business day? Said another way:

You order the Alliant bill payer service to make your payment on a Sunday. The money is in your Alliant checking on (for example) Sunday afternoon and it is withdrawn from checking (by Alliant) on Sunday evening around 10:00 pm CT, plus or minus, to pay your bill as you have ordered be done.

Did that money reach your payee the next business day, i.e., on Monday provided Monday is a business day?


Do this on a business day, and not on a Sunday, and the money will be where it is going next business day for certain. I have a LOT of experience doing that. The service is flawless. But I have very little experience with money going out on Sundays, which is why I’m making this inquiry.


This may not apply to your situation, but I’ve only seen it happen on a bank credit card. For other payees, Chase would withdraw the funds on Sunday, but it didn’t get to the payee until Tuesday. I only tried to do this once, so it’s a huge data pool of one.


Thanks much appreciated. I did telephone Alliant on this and did my level best to obtain a reliable answer. Was not permitted to speak with back office, but the supervisor helping me did speak with them:

Claim is that Sunday is a good, legitimate paying day at Alliant. Claim is you make a payment on a Sunday (Sunday night, actually, is when the money is dispatched), it will be processed that day and arrive next business day.

Was motivated to make this inquiry based on situation I face (pretty much) right now. I have a CC payment that needs to arrive on the ninth. The eighth is a bank holiday (sucks). It’s a lot of money. I wanted to avoid making the payment tomorrow (Friday) if I could (lost interest).

Am gonna go the Sunday route, Sunday the seventh. Asked about doing same on the eighth. No dice! They will not process any payments on the holiday itself. But there will be bill payer service on Sunday, like always. Hope this works out.:pensive:


BTW and strictly FWIW, in the course of my inquiry the supervisor volunteered (I did not ask) that there is no Alliant bill payer service on Saturday. You schedule a payment on Saturday, it will be paid next day, on Sunday.


Yes, the billpay service Alliant uses will push out payments Sunday night.


Alliant CU never did do that Online Banking re-vamp they were supposed to do this year…did they? I have no way of checking since i am not a member anymore…just curious…They were supposed to re-do that and also go to a new bill pay service as well…was supposed to happen during first quarter of the year, and here were are in the last quarter and i see nothing mentioned on their website about it…


Same interface, same bill pay service. Better interest rates though. Why’d you bail? :smiley:


It seemed like they were getting behind the times, both in improvements to the online banking, mobile app and the interest rates seemed to always be lagging…nice to see them boost the savings rates, recently though…

I did always like the vast free atm coverage, rebates, etc…When i’d use the mobile app it seemed very sluggish all the time…they just need to zip things up a bit…lol


I’ve never used the mobile app except for depositing checks.


I just re-joined…Called them on the phone and they kind of talked me into it…LOL :slightly_smiling_face:


Craig, as we’ve done many times before, your “behind the times” claim is bullshit. Please consider not pestering them with repeated requests to make the site slower and less uniformly available.


craig10x, I’ve been wondering where you have been? We all miss you & need a little laughter now & then. :wink:

But Alliant CU has a fair savings rate (not as good as PurePoimt). Still when I need to move funds by ach there is no place that can guarantee overnight delivery, as does Alliant. I also use Alliant bill pay service, it’s quick & easy. Large check writing can be handled through Alliant with ease.

So all & all welcome back to Alliant CU.


Superbly well stated. In a survey I saw recently, the Alliant website was rated among the very best of any financial institution in the USA!!

"If it ain’t broke, DO NOT fix it"


Thanks Patty! The rep on the phone was really good…convinced me to come back…opened the accounts (checking and savings) and got me completely set up…right into the online banking! He spent an incredible amount of time speeding up the whole process…I was very impressed :slightly_smiling_face:

To the others, when i say Online Banking re-vamp…I am talking cosmetically, like they have done to the website and mobile app…that should not affect performance at all…And there was also talk they were going to hook up with a different bill pay vendor…None of those things should really cause any problems…

I downloaded the mobile app and noticed that it does seem to work faster than it use to…which was very nice…Also, i appreciate that you can mobile deposit up to $50,000 per day and I think the first $5000 becomes immediately available…


Craig - I just brought you up in another thread the other day. Memory Bank has a checking account that pays 1.6% and I said I wonder if Craig has tested it out yet!


It’s actually a nice set up but when i tried them, it was a very slow process to get the accounts open…And the ACH limits are like really low…I think like $5000 a day and a max of $15,000 a month or something like that…Best part was the very good free atm coverage (Allpoint and Moneypass) but no atm rebates…


If you were no longer a member and weren’t planning on re-joining, why were you talking to them on the phone??

In the years I’ve been a member, I’ve never talked to them on the phone. Coincidentally, that’s going to change tomorrow, as I discovered a fraudulent charge on my card. It’s annoying I will likely have to get a new number, as I always memorize my main card number and this was the easiest one I’ve ever had for that (7 of the same digit in a row, for starters).


I’d rather them focus on their rates, than waste money on cosmetics. As long as things are functional, why care how pretty it is? In fact, added “bling” is what has ruined so many perfectly fine websites.


@Badlands: I actually had been considering re-joining and was just curious about whether they were still planning to do the Online Banking refresh (and possibly change to a different Bill Payer…there was talk about offering ebills and the like, so that would involved changing to a different Bill Payer service)…

I ended up opening on the phone with him and he spent a LOT of time to not only do the info, get the membership approved And get me into the Online banking as well…So, i was pretty impressed! :slightly_smiling_face:

@glitch 99: I have no influence over what they do…i am just one member but i had heard this from another Alliant CU member who had a more “inside contact” and was curious as to what was going on, since originally they planned on doing it around 1st quarter this year…If they aren’t going to do it, they won’t and if they are they will…

They do their own web design and other stuff…the revamp of the mobile app and the web site was all done by them (not a 3rd party) so there really isn’t any significant expense involved in this…The reason a more “modern” look would be desirable is because it tends to attract more members (especially younger ones) and that brings more money into the CU and thus HELPS them raise savings rates, so please stop being so negative about the possibility… :roll_eyes:


Craig: in-house or not, web site redesigns cost money. And they invariably lead to slower site and broken compatibility with non-major browsers, browser extensions, etc. - which would probably cost more members than would be attracted by the new “slickness”. You’re just one member, but I suspect you have visibility of hundreds of others who are just using the great features and staying silent, with your frequent calling and pushing through your inside contacts.

If you want to ask for new features, like eBills - great, do it, that’s helpful. But asking for “eye candy” just for the sake of it - please don’t.

By the way, the top feature on my wish list for Alliant is joining Zelle.