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Is that EBSB Direct? I thought you weren’t rate chasing…


Good Guess…You are correct…I use to have an account with EBSB and remember that they offered top rates, that were ahead of most, so maybe best to go with them for the long run…I also like that they have both the FDIC and DIF insurance coverage…It’s a lot of money, so the big difference in what it will get me in interest, was well worth the move…If it was a small difference, i wouldn’t have bothered…


Yeah, this is because if you link your credit cards to an online ID created for the bank accounts, then the banking side becomes the primary key for all your accounts. And when you close your banking account, you’ll lose online access after about 6 months. I have since created two online IDs, one of which is strictly for the bank accounts and the other strictly for credit cards. Unfortunately they’re now both tied to a single TYP account, so I may have to go through the nightmare again.

BTW there’s no waiting period. If you get the right tech support person on the phone, they can delete and unlink any online user ids from any accounts instantly, allowing you to create new IDs and link them to the right accounts any way you want.

While it’s miles better than Citi, it’s still a dog – the animations you see while the pages are loading make you not realize how much time it actually takes to load the website (compared to other simpler banking sites and to what it used to be). I do like the look and feel, but I too have problems logging in sometimes and it’s just not as fast as it could be. I have a fast connection (and ads and javascript blockers), so that’s not it. And I still have a problem with the business side – it takes like 3-4 days for business credit card transactions to finally show up, and on a day before pending transactions post, they simply disappear from the pending transactions list (while being reflected in the current balance). It has been this way forever and is very annoying.


That"s probably true with Chase…though it’s something i wasn’t really aware of…seems like it only maybe adds a few extra seconds here and there…

At any rate, even though i will be keep the majority of my cash in the EBSB Savings account because of the rate difference, i plan to keep some money with Alliant (say $50,000 or so) and use the Checking actively from my day to day banking/bill pay/atms, etc…

I’m looking forward to the Online Banking changes coming next year…I don’t think there will be much problem with it, Scripta, it should be fine…they are spending a good two years on this and i am sure it will not only look nice but also work efficiently as well… :slightly_smiling_face:


For the love of god, at least tell us you arent already closing your new Alliant accounts?


@glitch99: NOT closing my Alliant CU accounts…see my latest post right before yours…In fact, as i previous mentioned, i will be using it for my day to day banking as i previously mentioned…Only difference is that won’t be keeping as much in the Savings since that (the big bucks…lol) will be going to the higher yielding EBSB Savings account…I’d say, probably around $50,000 will remain at Alliant aside from the $6000 to $8000 i will be keeping in Checking… :slightly_smiling_face: Alliant is going to be ACTIVELY used…

i just received my debit card and welcome package and am already paying bills from it, using atms, etc…
I have always loved the vast amount of free atm networks they have as well as $20 in atm rebates that are refunded next day…Just waiting on my free box of checks… :wink:


a new discussion… What is the average monthly cash back on the 2.5% card for folks on this forum?.. after the first year? I do buy certain cards in grocery stores and they go thru for the 2.5. never can buy from Giftcard mall or others. groceries seem safe. I seem to average about 125.00. Is that low. I can always increase card buying but that is about a 6.50 profit after fees. Other cards do much better. But seem to think they are manually watching purchases…


This is obviously going to be different for everyone. It depends on a great many variables. I myself run between $550 and $600 each month, so far so good. Am relying on receiving a warning letter if I somehow violate this or that Alliant rule. I now know from (bitter) experience not all financial institutions believe in offering their customers/members a warning. Some, instead, enjoy annihilating you with no warning whatsoever!


What on earth are you doing? Buying a new car every month?



Argyll I always enjoy and appreciate your wonderful and funny posts!

Nope. I continue, very proudly as a participant here, to drive my 2005 MGM (Mercury Grand Marquis), You realize, I hope, that an MGM is merely a gussied up Ford Crown Victoria. It’s the only car I have on the road, but it is in VERY, VERY good shape and is by a wide margin the nicest automobile I ever in my life have owned.


hey I have an 04 mercury marauder with 28k in mint condition. its a souped up gran marquis with all the whisles and bells from 2004. Has a cd/cassette player. My everyday driver is a 17 Elantra.


Shinobi… just realized last week my struts that hold up the hood have lost their gas charge. Dont believe in broomsticks to hold up hood on a mint car like this. So Sat I will install new hood struts and a battery. Battery is 4 years old and I live in upstate NY. Sorry for going off topic but…


Alliant appears to have nudged the savings account APY up to 1.95%.

Checking remains at 0.65% APY.


Citizens Bank is Wicky Wacky Woo

This true personal anecdote is mostly off topic except it does involve Alliant in an important way:

I opened the Citizens Bank checking to collect more easily rewards from my Citizens Bank CC. There was a $200 “balance builder” bonus with a 60 day limit to which I paid little attention. It was not the reason I opened the account. Also, to be rewarded the bonus you needed to direct deposit at least $500 of salary, or SS, or other similar payment within 60 days of account opening. I did not have that available and, again, obtaining the bonus was NOT the reason I opened the account.

Time passed. I was happily collecting my Citizens Bank CC rewards payments in this checking account, lots more than $200. Was happy camper.

More time passed. One day I again noticed the balance builder bonus offering. The 60 days was nearly up. Had only one or two days. Did not have proper sourcing for the required $500 direct deposit. But I figured: “what the hen”

Enter Alliant. With nothing to lose, and with the Citizens Bank checking account already connected at Alliant for purposes of CC rewards collection, decided just for the halibut to flip out some oddball amount of money, more than $500, from Alliant to Citizens Bank checking. Day or two later I sucked the same money back into Alliant. Thereafter I promptly forgot about the entire exercise. Honestly, I totally forgot.

This morning I finally go back into my Citizens Bank checking account for another purpose entirely and there, staring me in the face, is two hundred bucks! I was like: HUH??:open_mouth:

Thought at first it was an error. Finally remembered the forgotten exercise weeks ago. Like finding money in the street. Thank you Citizens Bank. Thank you Alliant!


Nice story. It’s good that Alliant has next day ACH, otherwise you would be out of time.


Sweet outcome for me at Alliant wanted to share data that helped me:

These times of day are approximate and both are Central time:

Alliant processes debits owing to paper checks at 7:00 pm daily.

Alliant processes bill payments, i.e., they debit your checking account to pay pre-scheduled bill payments, at 10:00 pm daily and also on Sunday.

Hope this is helpful. :grinning:


Also should mention overdraft protection (for checking) can easily be invoked and then later, equally easily, be turned off without cost to member. This is a very helpful feature of the Alliant website.


good info. thanks


zzz, are u going after Craig10x now?


not sure what you mean, @pattyb53, that post was over a month ago…


Doctor of credit has an extensive list of which banks consider DD from other banks. You lucked out, as Citizen considers Alliant as a DD. I have opened a few accts with Citizen…wife…son… me and follow these postings as to which bank will work with various banks for the bonus. Alliant seems to work with most banks…My Social Security goes into a local NY bank…as you can not split SS deposits among banks… its all or nothing. But i have moved SS deposits to PNC and a few others over the years to collect a tidy sum in bonuses… Since you can not split SS among banks…these Doctor of Credit posts really help.