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Alliant Credit Union


For new cardholders only that don’t have an Alliant credit card:

Alliant’s VISA Platinum Rewards offers 5000 points bonus for $500 spend in the first 90 days, That’s $50. It’s a no annual fee 2% rewards card with a possible 0% APR for 12 months for new cardholders.

Alliant is the only institution I’ve encountered that approves you for the card and sets the introductory APR rate based on their view of your credit, i.e. you might get 0% for 12 months, or they might approve the card and give you 3.99% for the first 12 months.


Does anyone have good information RE the minimum age for an authorized user at Alliant? TIA

  1. Maximum of 2 authorized users.


Thanks Argyll. Interesting, didn’t know they’d only do 2 AUs…


For what it’s worth, I’m seeing these warnings from a dozen different banks I have accounts with. It really isnt an Alliant specific issue.


For those who care about such things, and who are on the same Alliant CC statement cycle as myself (I think Alliant offers two different statement cycles, actually), here are the next three upcoming statement closing dates:

March 13

April 12

May 13

My card is the Alliant Visa Signature card.


You sure about that?

Yes, they do offer two due dates – the 8th and IIRC the 22nd. If your due date is the 8th, then the dates you listed are off by 1 – the next three statement closing dates will be 3/14, 4/13, and 5/14.

The due date is the same every month and the statement closing date is exactly 25 days before the following due date. This doesn’t need to be announced as it can be easily calculated.

March due date: 03/08. February statement date = 03/08 - 25 = 02/11.
April due date: 04/08. March statement date = 04/08 - 25= 03/14.


A good and very fair question:

I am sure that is what the rep told me when I telephoned Alliant. I wrote down the date information in real time.


We all know one too often must make multiple calls and speak with multiple reps, then use a voting procedure to arrive at an answer on such matters as this. I made only a single call, and I admit it.


Is your due date the 8th of the month? If so, then it’ll be the dates I provided, not the dates the rep gave you. You can verify my math by looking at all the previous statement dates.


You’ve got me on that one, scripta! I candidly have no clue whatsoever, regarding any of my MANY very active credit cards and surely including Alliant, what the due date is. Due dates on credit cards have zero impact on my operation or on my life. All that is of importance to me is the various statement closing dates . . . which I watch like a hawk.

I am a true student, and disciple, of Argyll. :grinning:


Respectful of scripta’s post, I decided to telephone Alliant once again and make the very same inquiry. This time I reached a different rep, one who said she has a LOT of experience. Here is the statement closing day data this new rep provided for 2019:

Mar 14

Apr 12

May 14

Jun 13

Jul 14

Aug 14

Sep 13

Oct 14

Nov 13

Dec 13


CD interest rates at Alliant have just fallen ever so slightly.


This is regarding the Alliant Visa Signature card which offers a 2.5% reward after the first year at 3% reward (with no annual fee for that first year).

It appears the annual fee, following the first year, has increased from $59 to $99.

Q: Appears? What does that mean, Shin?

It is not clear to me whether or not existing cardholders will be impacted. They might be grandfathered . . or not. I simply do not know. However, new applicants will pay the new $99 fee after the first year.


My card was just charged the $59 annual fee 3 days ago. I was told I’ll have to pay the $99 fee next year.

The Signature is still worth getting for a year with no fee and 3%, but now cardholders need to spend $19,800 to make it a 2% card the second year.

Otherwise, it might be more worthwhile to get the no-fee 2% Platinum rewards card.

Frequent travelers should know the Platinum Rewards card has a foreign transaction fee of 2% whereas the Signature has no foreign transaction fee.


So the latest statement closed, but it’s not available for download yet and from my transactions I can’t tell when it actually closed. I think that this rep may have been correct and my calculations were incomplete, as I found an exception in the past (last July) that may explain why the April statement may have closed on the 12th (not the 13th I expected). I suspect that the statements never close on a Saturday, but are instead accelerated one day to Friday, and we get a 26 day grace period instead of the usual 25.

Another way to calculate it, is if the 8th of next month is a Wednesday, subtract 26 to get the closing date, otherwise subtract 25.


The most recent statement closed on the 12th . . . at least mine did.

How do I know?

I know because of the timing of a large rewards payment to me . . . which was right on time. :smile:

Don’tcha just love Alliant!


OK, more now regarding the Visa Signature annual fee increase ($59 to $99):

I believe Argyll might have escaped by a thin margin. If so, good for Argyll.

Just received an email from Alliant saying they will be snail mailing me soon with news of exact impact on me personally as to when this fee increase will hit me.

In the next few days, you’ll receive a letter that explains when this change will impact you personally.

So apparently there is no grandfathering. We all are vulnerable to this increase . . . . . . . sooner or later.:slightly_frowning_face:


Yep. I called again and a rep. says the rate’s going up for everyone. I may be lucky as they billed my annual fee April 3 at $59, so a $99 fee would not be required until April 2020.

At that time, I might downgrade the card to the 2% no-fee card.

Although, with my current spending, the Signature card is still worth it with a $99 fee.


Argyll, you are most assuredly in the tall alfalfa where this annual fee increase is concerned. You quite simply could not have hit it any better.

Congrats!! :congratulations:


Well, that sucks! That makes the break even point $19,800 when compared to a 2% card.

I spend quite a bit more than that, so I’ll keep it. I don’t appreciated them raising the fee so quickly, though.


I just received via snail mail the fee increase letter from Alliant. The worrisome part of the letter, for me, was not the fee increase:

They snuck in changed terms regarding cash back eligibility. The fee increase does not become effective until 13 June. But the cash back eligibility changes became effective back on 9th of April!!

This is gonna cost me money until I’m able to test these new terms. The gravy train could be coming to an end.

Am not a happy camper. :frowning_face: