Best Buy offers the "Best Buy Easy Auto" membership for $179.99 / year

Best Buy offers the "Best Buy Easy Auto" membership for $179.99 / year


This is a new service offered through Best Buy. I wanted to know what you guys might think of this deal and what comes with it.



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says it includes two oil changes. according to the yourmechanic site, an oil change runs about $70-80. if you already want the yourmechanic service, this could be a good deal.


$80 for an oil change sounds astronomically high.

The full price at a dealer is ~$40, including tire rotation, fluids and inspection.


I don’t have roadside assistance. I pay about $150 a year w/ AAA. And some years when my old cars don’t break down, I don’t end up using it at all.

Is this price per car, or for the whole household?


The link says: “Available for purchase in Sacramento, Las Vegas and surrounding areas.”


$80 is about right for a synthetic oil change on a V6 or an SUV. Even better deal if you own a car with a diesel engine


I would nearly guarantee that the included oil changes only cover the recommended blend per the manufacturer. Unless called for by the owners manual don’t think that you are going to get an expensive fully synthetic oil change from this deal.

For most, those two oil changes are worth $80 tops. And far less than that for the DIY among us.


I case anyone didn’t notice, the ridiculous price for the oil change is because the “mechanic” comes to your home or office. Not exactly a “standard” oil change in terms of service level.


You mean they change the oil in your driveway or parking space? I can image more than a few homeowners associations would have field day with this.


I hope not. They aren’t letting the oil run down the street, they are collecting it in a pan and disposing of it properly. Just like @ 1 million car/home owners do each year.

You might get a few small drops on the driveway… but hell, my HOA can’t even control the dog poop in the yard drama, good luck on trying to limit DIY oil changing.


Some HOA’s forbid any vehicle maintenance.


I’ve had a mobile auto service change the oil, do minor repairs, and do auto detail for my cars at condos and apartments for over 20 years.

Technically, auto repairs in most residence parking lots are against the rules, including at my current abode. However, this is a rule made and enforced primarily for some kind of abuse or problem the activity is causing. My guy comes during the day, takes the car to an unused area of the parking lot, and usually finishes within an hour. No one has ever complained about it. If it’s not causing a problem, like taking up parking spots, or making noise, then it’s unlikely there will be any complaint.

The only comments I’ve heard are people asking me or the mechanic how they can get the same service.