Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


For some good reason I missed this one… Usually I’m right in!!

I did jump in to Popular Direct with a large amount of $'s. When I began to see Big Problems I re-read their info. Seems I must leave $500 in account for 6 months (I think). So I’m setting & waiting with Popular still holding my $500.


Should we remove Customers from the wiki? The restrictions on their “MMA” make it sound like it’s not a standard MMA. MMA is just a SA with check-writing ability, so it’s supposed to come with paper checks.


What happened with FNBO. I have an account with them but no problems so far. What should I be looking out for?


If you are with them now and are satisfied with their service, please ignore what I wrote.

It was years ago, when they were just commencing their service to folks like us. The people there running things were screw ups . . . and I got out. Certainly now things could be different.


Just as a followup. I got a call from the department that handles account closing/customer complaints and explained the issue. It’s confusing because even she referred to “Customers Bank Transfers both internal and external”(internal account to account and transfers to another bank being the “external?”) however those according to her are different than transfers initiated by an external bank which again according to her should only have the limitations imposed by the external bank which would pretty much be business as usual. I have at least 3 other accounts with moronic low transfers where I use Ally to transfer funds in and out via ACH.

To test this once and for all I’ve initiated a larger than they allow transfer from my Ascent MMA back to Ally and am waiting to see if it processes or is blocked. I’ll report back once I know for sure one way or the other.

I also specifically questioned the legality of preventing access of funds to a disabled individual who may need them for medical bills. She asked me to send over a copy of Ally’s limits so she could send it up the chain to show what competitors are allowing. Bottom line I’m in a holding pattern but it only took 24 hours to get my service request looked at which is much better than the “14 days advanced notice” mentioned previously.


Application denied at Northfield Bank based on Experian credit report. WTF? Just checked, my credit score is over 800. Why wouldn’t they let me open an account?


What I did when American Express did something similar and I had an over 800 score was send them a copy of the report and ask them to tell me specifically why they denied me. The original letter said “excessive debt” but other than floating monthly balances that got paid in full I had no debt. They had a person review it and suddenly my application was approved.


When was the last time you requested a free copy of your ChexSystems report? If it has been a while you might want to make the request.


Denial was based on Experian report.


With you having an enviable score above 800?! :fireworks::joy:

(Congrats, BTW)

I dunno. But sometimes a bank will deny you, even if you have a high score and despite that high score, if your ChexSystems report is not to their liking.:frowning_face:


As a followup to my previous post the larger than “allowed” transfer from Customers Bank initiated from ALLY appears to have processed on the Customer Bank side as the funds have been pulled. Ally stated the funds would be there by the 17th so will be keeping an eye out. Provided this works I’ll probably move my money back to Customer’s bank and relax.


Thanks for sharing - look forward to hearing another update tomorrow - hopefully will be good news!


Called Northfield bank and they said Experian couldn’t create three questions about me to verify my identity so they can’t open the account. Just BS. Had no problem opening accounts at other banks. Oh well.


Well I’m confirming I was able to do a LARGE withdrawal from Customers Bank initiated on the Ally side without issue (who are we kidding here…I did the max Ally allows in the hope it would skate through to help get the money out). I think the agents are using really bad verbiage when talking to us. They refer to “internal and external Customer Bank transfers” when talking about “internal to internal and internal to external bank transfers” but all of those initiated from within customers bank. External transfers follow the normal rules of the HUB bank you use. That being the case I have no issue continuing to use Customers Bank similar to how I use a few others that have similarly low internal transfers and just do all the initiating on Ally.


I am a Member of Penfed and they seem to have pretty good rates, anyone else have any dealings with them, I did have a auto loan at one time and no issues.

Rates here


Penfed is an excellent CU and they have good CD rates but this is the wrong thread for CD rates. Their rates for ‘Liquid accounts’ are quite low.

For what it’s worth I do have several Penfed CDs, but there’s a separate topic for CDs.


Thanks for the feedback, need to find the CD thread now


it’s linked in the quick summary! I mean wiki.


Posted a week ago how Northfield Bank wouldn’t open an account because they couldn’t identify me. Got an email from the bank saying, Thank you for your interest in our Platinum Savings Account. We apologize that you were unable to open your account at that time. Our online account opening capability has been upgraded and we invite you to visit our website if you are still interested in opening our Platinum Savings Account. Replied no thanks, already opened an account at Customers Bank for the same 2.25% rate and no $100K cap to boot.


Ally also has a ‘no penalty 11 month CD’, which offers 2% if account is > 25k. Do people think this should have its own entry in the table?
You can easily cancel the CD anytime and instantly deposit the money into their savings account (if you have one there). Then transfer wherever you need or keep it in savings.
If there are no objections, I would like to dd this in addition to the current ally savings rate.