Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Please keep the wiki tables sorted by APY (from highest to lowest), then by SINCE date (from oldest to most recent). I believe this makes it easier to identify (and reward) leaders vs laggards when it comes to rate increases. Since Ally only now went to 1.85% and four others beat it to the punch, Ally should be at the bottom of the 1.85% listing.


Discover has gone up to 1.80%
But shouldn’t we instead quote the AAII variant which is consistently 5 basis points higher (now 1.85% -


Yes, even I can get my feeble brain around that one. :grin:

I just found it funny as I read the first sentence, followed by two paragraphs of explanation. I am easily amused.


" But shouldn’t we instead quote the AAII variant"

I assume you mean the APY. Yes.


No, it’s AAII, follow the link. And yes, I agree the AAII variant should be quoted.


I vote for “in addition to,” not “instead.” Not everyone has the AAII variant :frowning:


scipta, I went with your suggestion and updated the normal version and added the AAII variant. Are you implying that you didn’t go with opening the AAII account when there was the nice signup bonus? I was figuring that the more senior members had AAII if they had any Discover at all. I don’t open accounts frequently yet even I couldn’t resist that tasty bonus. :grinning:


Oh I got opening bonuses – $300 for checking and $100 for savings – in 2015. It probably pre-dated the AAII bonus.


Capital One 360 MMA up to 1.85% APY on balances of $10,000.00 or more. (Balances of less than $10,000.00 will still earn a rate of 0.85% APY.)


Given jobs data outcome yesterday (Friday), and given the generally roaring American economy, a Fed hike on 26 September appears immanent. And again in December, for that matter.

But focusing on this month’s highly likely 0.25% hike, I would be watching for anticipatory increases in liquid money account interest rates as financial institutions factor early bird gets worm and so forth.


SFGI increased to 1.91%


New bank to add - PNC. Their High Yield Savings Account pays 2.20% so not the highest available but right up there. No minimum and 5M max. What I thought was interesting was the ability to fund with a CC - not sure what the max is.


This isnt nationally available.


Can I still open an account with them? I don’t need or want to visit any of their branch locations.


Word. I have PNC branches all over town and it isn’t available here.


It appears to only be available in states that PNC does NOT have a physical presence.


They are being the anti-Chase then. Chase often has checking/savings bonuses that are available “nationwide”, yet zip codes in states where there are no physical branches need not apply.


Nice find on PNC.

I’m planning on signing up for it. Anyone have any experience with this account?


I’ve updated the HY Checking to include Simple Bank at 2.02%. I haven’t heard of them for a few years, and a cursory glance at their website shows the only requirement to receive the rate is to keep $2k in the account.

There is a column titled “HI” in that table. It’s obvious meaning escapes me. A clue, please.


With today’s fed rate hike, what kind of rate hikes is everyone expecting to see on savings accounts?