Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Yes, I’m also going for the EBSB Direct option. But not as quick completion as glitch99. Received a call yesterday that membership is ok. Now waiting for small deposits for $50 minimum opening deposit. With holiday on Monday should take more time.


Ally up to 1.9%


Popular Direct up to 2.10%


Popular Direct up to 2.10%

Is this just for new accounts at Popular Direct, or are they increasing existing accounts to this higher rate (was 2.0%)? Thanks!


My rate in online banking increased today so looks like existing accounts as well as new accounts!


I signed up for PNC’s 2.2% money market. The setup process was longer than most banks, but other than that - no issues so far.

I’ll follow up with any issues I find.


Thanks for providing the Merrill Edge connection in your post. I have been watching for their promos and your post tipped the scale. Just opened new account with Merrill with promotion for $900 on $200 K deposit. Easy money! Moved funds into ICSH and FLRN (50, 50)


I found another annoyance with Purepoint that people may want to be aware of. They only allow 10 linked external accounts. That’s fine. However, deleting one to add a new one is not as easy as it appears. I attempted to delete an account using the delete button (easy right?). It came off the list and I tried to add another, but got an error message that I had the maximum number of accounts. I deleted two more and I got the same message. I emailed them of the problem and was told I’d have to call because deleting it your account doesn’t actually delete it (what?). So I called and he said he had to have a supervisor do it (huh?). Finally, after 10 minutes on the phone, the accounts were deleted. Ridiculous!

I love their immediate transfers and birthday gifts, but they also have some annoying quirks.


Your post is well taken, Badlands. It is a good, helpful, post.

I have now been through this twice myself, most recently only a couple of days ago. First time I was caught completely off guard, unable to discern what was awry before they told me. This last time I telephoned them in anticipation of the trouble I knew would ensue were I not to call.

For some folks ten accounts is a squeeze. That limit forces a constant creation and destruction of links . . . out of sheer necessity. I know at Alliant for example, which imposes no limit at all, I have circa twenty-five accounts linked. Probably should say many of those are used quite seldom. But when you need a particular link you need that link. Period.

The “kill” procedure at PurePoint is, exactly as you say, ridiculously annoying and time consuming . . . . both for the bank and for us. I hope they get a handle on this situation sooner rather than later.


Yes, PurePoint will only accept 3 linked accounts. This is very annoying!
I had to delete 1 account yesterday, in order to add another. Like shinobi I have run into this action several times in the past.

Should we complain to the “higher ups”?


Ally is offering a 1% boost on up to $100k of new assets.


Clarifying a bit…funds have to go into a MMA or checking…not savings…and have to stay there until some time in 2019…so unless I misread something that just means you’d be getting around 1.10%.


Are you talking about the Ally deal? Not what I see at all.

A few things about your bonus:

* Funds must remain in an eligible account: Online Savings, Money Market, Interest Checking, or CD account
* Cash bonus applies to new funds added to an eligible Ally Bank account, not your total balance
* Minimum cash bonus is $10 ($1,000 deposit), maximum is $1,000 ($100,000 deposit)

Current APY: 1.9% in addition to the bonus, and funds can be withdrawn after 3 months.


Ok…thanks for the clarification. The article I read on either mymoneyblog or doctorofcredit gave me a different initial read. I like your version alot better.


It specifically says you can use the Online Savings or even a CD. Why are you interpreting that it has to be MMA or checking?


I have been considering this Ally deal. You garner a 1% bonus for three months so equivalent (for that interval only) to an APY of 4% on your dough. Then you add the base yield of the account involved, which (for example) with a no-penalty CD account is 2.1% ( for 25 thousand minimum) for a grand total of 6.1% APY over the four months.

Downside is that your 6.1% is fully Federally taxable and also is subject to state income tax (or not) depending upon your state of residence.

So I dunno. Seems like a lot to go through for a measly four months, but I readily acknowledge opinions on this will vary.

Oh, and of course to state the obvious, if rates head north after the election and you have to withdraw your money early, you get no bonus at all.


That’s why you should do the online savings at 1.9% in stead of the no-penalty CD at 2.1%. If rates go up, you get the higher rate.


If rates go up, I assume rates will also increase on the new no-penalty CDs. In which case, you can break the 2.1% no-penalty CDs and put the money into new (higher rate) no-penalty CDs.

Or if the online savings move higher than new no-penalty CDs, just break the CDs and put the money into online savings.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Have you used their no penalty CD’s before? The online savings would obviously be simpler.


Yes, I had the no-penalty CDs before. Very easy to break and money goes immediately into any of your Ally bank accounts.

Using online savings is obviously simpler. But we are all talking about squeezing out the last ounce of interest here. LOL.