Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Thanks StatGren! I’m more confident now after reading your last comment.:wink:


This is just slightly off-topic, but those of you with lots of money chasing highest APY savings should keep T-Bills in mind. The 4-week T-Bill is paying ~2.18% and is free of state/local income tax. While I-Bonds have annual purchase limits and longer terms, T-Bills have no limit (well, $5MM per auction) and the shortest term is just 4 weeks.


Can I buy them with a Costco cash card even if I don’t have a Costco membership?


No, not without membership.


Ugh, thanks Trump!


Northpointe Bank now offering an account paying 2.30% guaranteed for 12 months with minimum deposit of $100,000.


Citizen’s Access up to 2.25%


Does anyone have trouble logging in to Northern Bank Direct today? I couldn’t login. I was going to check the balance and withdraw all the money.


Just saw your post. Attempted to log in at NBD. No dice. Received some cockamamie message about cookies.

They appear to me to be having problems with their website.


Dispatched my Payback Promo dough to Ally today, er, I mean tonight I guess. Money still in my account. Sure hope it goes. Purepoint telephoned me for clearance. Received same. It’ll be nice if arrival is tomorrow. Fingers are crossed. Should be before the fifth in any event.


Thanks. I couldn’t login to the Barclays Credit Card site too. Wonder if these are somewhat related.
Edit: it looks like NBD is OK now. Still a problem with the Barclays CC site.


CIT bank had issues as well. It seemed to be a problem with the “” backend of the website.


Vio Savings up to 2.25%


Yes, many of these smaller banks use the ibanking platform for online banking rather than having their own system. If ibanking has an issue it often affects all of the banks that use it.


I had problems with Popular Direct, couldn’t log in. I want to finally withdraw funds (had waiting period of 6 mo). Decided to wait until tomorrow to try again.



Barclays Savings now up to 2.05%


shinobi, money should arrive to Ally Promo in time. My funds are now showing in Ally. This is the best deal going around town. :wink:

I won’t have any extra money until the middle of Dec. My next CD will mature at that time. CD rates are stuck in time, so it seems!!



Dough arrived at Ally early this AM. No problems whatsoever with overnight delivery. Purepoint took extraordinarily good care of me. Moved nearly $100k without so much as a hiccup.


This is regarding Ken’s posting of the Northpointe 2.3% APY deal on liquid money.

Bill, of Northpointe, has just posted over on Ken’s website in the comments section that they will honor the 2.3% rate for savings accounts as well as for MM accounts.

So if you already have a Northpointe savings account (i.e., if you still have the savings account and have not closed it) you are good to go at 2.3%.

Bill does mention you need to telephone the bank.


Now am seeing the MM 2.3% APY rate is guaranteed for a year. Dunno if that also applies to savings. Likely it does.


My question is this…I do have a northpointe savings that currently has zero in it. If I wait a month for a cd to mature will I still get that rate or the money has to be deposited NOW?