Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Two things to keep in mind with the PNC Account:

  1. If you have branches in your area, you don’t qualify…
  2. They do not allow you to add beneficiaries (if that is important for you)…


I don’t qualify so I’ll have to move to Shinobi’s street where I’ll put up a tent and a wind turbine.


His neighbors are cows though. And it’s not really a street. It’s an unpaved road.


Why don’t you LINK it so we don’t have to search?


Because I figure about everybody here has had Ken’s site BOOKMARKED for the last twelve years. The concept of “searching” for Ken’s website, for folks like most of us, is akin to “searching” for air.

Also, the deal I mentioned is, and was, front and center over there. So no searching required either, in that regard.

I post my share of links here any time I think it will help other participants. But the idea of posting a link to the front page of Ken’s blog would never even occur to me.


He mean link to the actual credit union page, the actual promo page. Not just another site 3rd party site that’s pimping the promo.

And beside, I really have no clue who “Ken” is.


My Savings Direct has jumped their rate up to 2.35% APY:

Link to 2.35% APY deal


Ken now is featuring the My Savings Direct 2.35% liquid money deal (see one post up thread) front and center on his blog, with his usual fine full writeup. It’s Emigrant Bank! Who knew? Well, anyway, I didn’t know. But in light of that, this deal clearly is the “real deal”.


“Emigrant Bank has a regular history of introducing “America’s Highest Rate” to attract customers, only to decrease the rate later.”

“Emigrant’s internet-only savings brands include…DollarSavingsDirect, MySavingsDirect and EmigrantDirect.”


Ally Bank Online Savings now at 2.0% apy…


Yes way. In your face plus .05%.


I assume that will eventually reflect on existing accounts. It does not yet on mine.



Absolutely…usually takes about 24 hrs though… :slightly_smiling_face:


Works for me! I have $100k in that account. =D


Me too!


I had it bookmarked, but it was never that good in the past so I haven’t visited it in a long time and I didn’t know his name. I just figured it out from some other mentions. You’re writing as if we’re all intimately familiar with the subject – I suspect very few of us are. Additionally, it may be featured on the front page now, but it won’t be there in a few days. Not everyone reads everything you post the same day.


I appreciate your post, scripta. Thanks. And I surely hope you’re right about not everyone being familiar with Ken’s site. It’s something I find extremely difficult to believe, but you just might have better insight on this than me. It’s always valuable, it’s an advantage, to learn another person’s perspective. It was kind of you to contribute yours.


There are probably quite a few more people here familiar with than there are with “Ken’s site.” You might want to consider referring to it as DepositAccounts to save newcomers from having to search these forums trying to figure out who Ken is (like I did when I first saw it).

Of course, if Ken is in fact your brother or BFF, calling it Ken’s site may be excusable.



Nope. I’m neither related to Ken nor am I friends with him. I have corresponded with Ken a few times over the many years he has been doing his thing, but nothing personal. Heck, still more years back than that I once corresponded with Mark Cuban. But it was nothing serious, merely a trifle.

I do have one thing in common with Ken, though. But I’ll not say more on that here.:wink:


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