Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


You both love to type a lot? :wink:


No penalty CDs are really very liquid


Vio Bank Online Savings up to 2.35%


CIT Bank Savings Builder is 2.25%


Did you receive the email with the calculated amount? So far I’ve only received an email, about three weeks ago, stating that they will be sending one out.


Funds hit my account between 10/24 and 10/27. I received one email on 11/6 saying that if I added funds, my projected bonus is being calculated. Then on 11/16 I received two emails about 15 minutes apart saying the following:

HonkingGoose, as of 11/5/18, you’re on track to get a bonus of $1,000. To make sure you get the total amount, remember to maintain the funds you deposited through 1/15/19.
Be on the lookout for another note in January with your final bonus amount.


Just as an additional data point, my funds hit my Ally account on 11/1. I later received the same email you received.


My Savings Direct up to 2.4% and Popular Direct up to 2.36%


EBSB High Yield Savings back at the same rate as 2 months ago - 2.5%


Anyone know if that high rate is guaranteed for a while, like maybe for a year as other banks have done?

Cause if they lower the rate it “ain’t hardly” worth the trouble to apply and move your dough in and then have to move it right back out within a month or two.


Also, you can’t add beneficiaries…it’s probably going to be a money market mutual fund with SIPC coverage…Additionally, you have to open a Robinhood Brokerage account, although you are not required to use it…


why do you keep posting and then deleting your posts?


New offering: Bay State Savings Bank Money Market 2.35%


Virtual Bank has increased the APY on their eMoney Market account to 2.36%. You must keep at least $100 on deposit at all times or face a fee each month.


Other increases:

CIBC 2.16 increased to 2.39
Amex 2.00 increased to 2.10


Life is more pleasant when stuff works out well.

Personal anecdote

Months ago I tried to open liquid money account at Virtual Bank. Had all sorts of problems getting things going. First, I was trying to put the large opening deposit on a credit card. Second, they put me through ChexSystems and promptly rejected my application based on what they learned there. They even sent me a formal “we don’t wantcha” kiss off letter. I figured : I’m toast.

But after passage of some time my card was charged and my account was opened regardless the above. So what did I do? I shut up and laid low, not wanting to remind them what a scoundrel I am.

More time passed. I finally pulled out the CC money having made my dough via a nice reward. Interest rates ascended and the interest rate at Virtual did not. I cleaned the account out completely except for the $100. Things thereafter were quiescent for a long time. I was waiting. They were doing nothing. But my account remained open.

Then suddenly this week Virtual Bank finally comes to life and yesterday I ACHed a bundle of dough down there to garner the new 2.36% APY.

Virtual Bank is a good bank. It has an A+ rating on Ken’s website. Am happy camper.


shinobi, I love to read these little money stories you write. You usually make out ok. But, my question, why not put liquid savings in EBSB Savings 2.5% instead of Virtual Bank 2.36%?


Sorry, pattyb53, this is the internet. Were I to answer you honestly my post would likely draw an unfavorable response from others.

Suffice it to say I do a lot of things by feel. I’m not always right, but I get more right than wrong. I have a good feeling about Virtual Bank, and I like the people there. They have been very fair with me.

Do you remember a while back when I was negative about going into Banco Popular? It’s something like that.:wink:


I’m sure shinobi has some hair-brained conspiracy theory to justify it :wink: , but with an account already set up it isn’t worth the hassle of opening an entirely new banking relationship over a small fraction of a percent rate difference. I really don’t know what y’all mean when referring to “a bundle of cash”, but I’d think it’d have to be well into 7-figures to be worth chasing anything less than a quarter percent difference.


In the case of chasing rates for FDIC ensured money it’s barely worth the effort for .25% for many of us. Sure open one and spread it out making a bit more than your lowest rate. If your lowest $250k FDIC bank is making 2.0% and you can earn 2.36% it is definitely worth chasing. That .36% difference is making you $900 per year extra on $250k. Wouldn’t most all of us set up a new banking relationship for that amount?

Shinobi is retired and why not make money as a hobby. I’m all for it if that’s what excites you. I love earning miles and cashback for credit card MS and bank account signup bonuses. It’s well worth my time and effort to do so. It pays between 1.5-4x per hour more than my OT work rate.