Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


I also have CD funds maturing next week & also early Feb. At this point I will go with EBSB savings 2.5%. As long as the EBSB rate stays, or I may go PurePoint savings 2.3%.

Ya, where are those high CD rates we heard of coming?


From (aka "Ken’s site): “Availability:** Massachusetts”

However, the application doesn’t state any restrictions and seems to allow people from all states to apply. zzz, let us know if you have any issues.

If it’s open to everyone, I may consider it. The big negative is the $10 monthly fee if the balance is below $1K. Like many others, when I find a better deal, I usually like to leave the account open with a small amount of money.


EBSB has been highly pleasant to deal with so far and the online banking is the familiar ibanking interface.


@shinobi I had considered Ally but it’s also my hub so when moving money from place to place there would be times I would have amounts not FDIC insured and I REALLY hate doing that. The words “Retirement savings” and “risky” should never be in the same sentence. I considered going to Purepoint’s 2.30. All american bank and it’s sister bank (I forget the name) has 2.5% but only up to 50K. Already did EBSB and it did go rather smoothly. I saw a 20 month 3.25 but wanted to keep these funds liquid…if the stock market takes another dives I’m dumping some money into my stock accounts and if it drops some more I’ll put some more in but it’s not the money I live off day to day.


I wonder if opening a $50 cd would accomplish almost the same thing in that it would maintain the relationship and hopefully reopening a checking/savings would be quick.


Just as a heads up for a couple of other posters to this thread:

You guys actually caused me to question my memory and log into my account to double check. Kindly allow me to correct the record.

Can say with certainty the current PurePoint interest rate is 2.35%, not 2.3%.

And with all the many advantages PurePoint offers, that is a darn high rate.



Whats the word on that 2.43% deal? Did you get an account?

@Shinobi When you are doing transfers at purepoint are you using the checking or the saving? I’m assuming checking to circumvent the 6 transaction limit on savings? I was debating going with them and was debating which accounts to open.

*hmm doesn’t look like they have a checking and I was going to open the account ahead of time but with it requiring $10000 for initial buyin I’ll have to wait till the money hits ally.


Hi, famewolf

As you stated, I’m unaware of checking at PurePoint. I do use their savings and, yes, Reg D is omnipresent in my thinking every darn month. Also, PurePoint does not operate my account on the calendar month, so one must be aware, too, of that wrinkle.

But I manage to make it work because, principally, of PurePoint’s willingness to pay me interest on money they do not actually have. I move a LOT of money around constantly. That “instant interest” feature at PurePoint is a wonderful moneymaker.


This account has already bumped up to 2.4%. Min $2500 to open and then ongoing min of $1 to earn interest rate.


Yes, it opened with no issues!!


UFB has a new money market account @ 2.45% with 25k min. 5k min to avoid monthly service fee.


Northern Bank increased to 2.5% APY. Although that may or may not be limited to accounts already grandfathered under their 2.25% rate, as opposed to the 1.51% shown on their website for new accounts.


Yes, here’s the text from the email they sent out this morning! New rate is also guaranteed through June 30, 2019!!

Is there anything better than watching your Northern Bank Direct Money Market Account grow? What about an increased interest rate?

Well, we’re giving you both! Because you’re a valued and loyal customer, we have increased your interest rate to 2.47% with a 2.50% APY for balances up to $250,000.00.

So sit back, relax, and watch your account grow with your new interest rate.


Wouldn’t you know, my luck… I just moved funds out of Northern Bank. Transferred the money over to EBSB 2.5%. So I’m ok, but it never fails. Hard to keep up with these rates. :wink:


Hmmm. Looks as if I need to ACH some money from PurePoint over to NBD. Probably will wait until Friday, though. PurePoint might up their own rate as February commences. We shall see.


Perfect timing for me…got funds transferring to Ally from closed CD…will then send them to Northern. 2nd cd matures on 30th. I set a one year reminder on google the day I opened it so not sure about the closing date discrepancy but that money may go to purepoint or stay in ally’s NP cd till another rate hop. I kept hoping some of the banks I already maintained accounts with would get on the band wagon.

@zzz and @glitch99 Thanks for pointing it out because even though I got the email I might have missed it.

@pattyb3 " Hard to keep up with these rates." is a good problem to have. :wink:


Northern’s ACH system is limited to $5k (I think), but they do credit deposits much like Purepoint. “Pull” funds on Friday and the deposit posts Friday, while the withdrawal doesnt post in the source account until Monday. I’m generally against rate chasing every fraction of a percent increase, but progressively moving the money this way makes it slightly more worthwhile.


That is entirely possible. But I dunno because I do not use Northern Bank’s facility. I operate at PurePoint where the limits are quite generous.

Decided to push what I could into NBD from PurePoint, while pulling new funds into PurePoint from Ally. Closed several Ally no-penalty certificates which were paying me only 2.3%. Even at PurePoint the interest rate is higher than that, and PurePoint also gave me a day of double interest to boot.

I like NBD and am happy to let them watch over my dough at 2.5% APY. However, in the spirit of “trust but verify”, I telephoned NBD anyway just to make absolutely certain they were not going to pull a Virtual Bank on me and delay payment of interest by a day on ACHed funds. The rep assured me my funds, which arrive via ACH, will commence earning interest on the day of arrival. I was satisfied. However:

Just out of curiosity I went on to ask about funds which arrive at NBD in the form of an old-fashioned paper check. I’ve no intent whatsoever of sending NBD a check, however my inquisitiveness got the better of me.

The answer was the same, even for a paper check. The moment the check arrives and is credited to your NBD account, interest commences being paid.

So, OK, I was fine with NBD. And did I mention I cleaned out my Virtual Bank account while I was at it? All except for $100 of course. The moment they told me they delay paying interest on ACHed funds I was done with 'em. Was just waiting for the right time to pull out my dough. Today was the right time.:wink:


I think you missed my point - using Northern’s ACH system to pull money in gets you your coveted “double interest”.


Guess I did miss your point. But if NBD is imposing a $5k limitation, where is the benefit? Anyway, I’ve not really taken seriously the idea of using NBD’s ACH facilities so have not explored whatever it is they offer. I continue to use only PurePoint and Alliant for ACH.