Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Sounds like a good plan!!

So I just tried to transfer over $100K from Ally to Northern Bank. No go… the transfer was over the limit of $5000. I called an spoke to a rep about it being a bad idea if they wanted to gain more money. She said, that they could make an exception & she will get back to me after getting approval from her supervisor.

My preference is using PurePoint to hold liquid funds but they don’t have the best rate. No hassle with transfers, etc. But I will use both EBSB & Northern (if she calls back) 2.5%…


Did you pull or push from Ally. I think if you push from Ally it should not be subject to the limit.


It’s not…you can do up to $150,000 a day out from ALLY to Northern subject to the $600,000 a month cap.

If you are doing a cd however it might be best to make your initial deposit HUGE as just about any bank will do the initial deposit to get the money over regardless of the “rules”.


Northern Bank did come back & raised my ACH transfer level.

But in the meantime I finalized a 35Mo CD 3.35% that I didn’t think was going to work out for me. I’m not going to mention the name of the CU because I’m sure none of you could qualify for the location. I do, but my big problem was finishing the application because I don’t know how the download info. My son tried to explain over the phone & gave up & advised that I go to the Staples store & get them to help. It worked, cost me $14. but I was happy to pay. So now I will use the Ally funds to open this CD. :smile:


Mistake in typing. The 35Mo CD is 3.50%.


Well I have to say I am really shocked, albeit in a very good way! It appears Northern Bank paid 2.5% interest on funds in the money market account for the entire month of January!!! I thought for sure it would be a blended rate @ 2.26% for most of the month and @ 2.50% percent for the last few days of the month post their email notification but I was wrong. Couldn’t be happier to be wrong in this instance!!! This adds to my continued excellent experience with this bank so far.


Did EBSB have a guarantee?


Wow, that IS a nice surprise. Now I wish I hadn’t transferred almost all my money out during the month. I had only $5 in the account at the end of the month, but got some decent interest from earlier in the month.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.


Same here! I took most of my funds out of Northern Bank earlier in the month. When I found out about the raise in the rate I put $500 back in & received good interest for the whole month.

Yesterday I talked to a rep about how long the 2.5% would last, her response was, “They don’t tell us.”


Sorry, it was EBSB that I asked about how long their 2.5% would last. No guarantee!!


No guarantee but someone upthread has stated they had talked to a rep and the rep said she had never seen them lower an interest rate before. I’ve had very good experiences with EBSB so far as well.


Hmm … you withdrew you post, but here’s the link. I have a referral link but I’m not sure the CELEBRATE promo code can be used with the referral link, so here is the direct link.


Wow, this Capital One deal sounds pretty good. Deposit $50K in 360 Money Mkt act 2% rate for 90 days & gain $500 bonus. Am I missing something?


Probably not. But I can tell you why I’m not in:

I do not trust Capital One to make good, in a timely manner, on their commitment to pay the bonus money.

Capital One is not Ally Bank. They’re not “in my wallet”, either.:wink:


I have been reading clearly (I think) about this offer with Capital One. I can see that your money is basically tied down for 5-6 months. Using a balance of $50K.+ $500 bonus. You must maintain the balance $50K for 90 days & the bonus will be paid 60 days following the 90 days.

Someone, I’m sure, could figure just what a person would earn here. 2% rate + $500= what rate for 5 months??


I’ve had issues with a Capital One credit card in the past, so I am not a Capital One cheerleader. However, I don’t see this offer much differently than the Ally offer. Yes, the holding period is 90 days rather than 60, and the maximum you can put on the table is $50K, not $100K.

Still putting $50K in for an effective interest rate of nearly 6% for 90-100 days seems like a no-brainer to me. Not sure how you are seeing the money tied up for 5-6 months any more than the Ally deal. Two days after the holding period ends, virtually all of the funds can go elsewhere.

I was a little irritated with Capital One during the funding process because it took three days to do the trial deposits, and another week before my funding of the account completed “processing”. However, once it did complete “processing”, the date the deposit was posted was when the ACH process began.


I have done numerous bank bonuses with Capital One over the past 2-3 years. I have never had a problem with the payout. Good luck!


I’m going to go ahead with this one. For a change I have a small Capital One bank here in my small town. It is located in the Safeway store.

Since you mentioned $50K in for an effective interest rate of nearly 6%, sounds good to me. I opened the online account & plan to deposit one of my Alliant CU checks at the Capital Bank. That way I don’t have to go through the small deposits for ACH funding.


Good luck!

My wording implied $50K was the max that you can deposit. You can actually deposit all you want (up to FDIC limit, I suppose) but you won’t get any additional bonus. I used $50,001.

There is a separate Capital One deal that has a $600 bonus on $100,000 but that didn’t appeal to me. The $500 on half that did.


Just an FYI - the local branch might not help you on this… a couple years ago I had an issue trying to open one of the Capital One 360 accounts and the branch couldn’t help me – they said its an online only product and they were completely separate from the actual bank locations.