Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Woo hoo! Ally $1000 bonus just posted. Ka-ching!


Data Point: I’m dealing with a new Capital One account right now and they are a pain in the ass!

Over the past 2-5 years I’ve had various personal and business accounts with them and they still are asking for copies of the following: recent utility bill, signed SS card, and Drivers License. They said that they’ve recently changed their procedures and it is for our protection against identity theft.

I’m wondering if Capital One is about to announce a major data breech / theft and they are trying to get ahead of the bad press.

Be prepared, Capital One can be a big hassle to deal with.


There should be no need to keep the $50K for 5 months. Keep it for 95 days maybe to be on the safe side, then move $50K elsewhere (leaving enough to keep the account open for another 60 days). Assuming you do that , the rate of return is simple 90 days at 2% is $250 so $750 total in interest on $50K over 3 months = about 6%.

If you left the money there for 5 months, it’d come down to 4.4%. Still respectable but you can do better by simply moving the $50K to a higher interest account for the 60 days.

The caveat is that if at any point you get below $50K you only earn $200 bonus. So if your initial funding is not $50K (say you’re bringing money in several transfers from several banks), they could (and most surely will) screw you off the extra $300 bonus.


StatGren, Thanks for the info on the effective interest rate of the $50K MM 6% for 90 days, at Capital One.

I had no problems, in fact I had actually had an acct with Cap One many years ago. They still had all my info, so I was able to check in right away. I made a mistake of thinking we had a small site here in town, so I couldn’t use a check to open the acct. I did have to go through the ACH small deposits, but that processed quickly through Alliant CU. It took 2 more days @ $25K per day.

Today I can see my $50K posted with the 2% interest rate. Hopefully after the 90 days I will see the $500 Bonus. :wink:


Eagle Premium Savings deal is for high rollers only ($100,000).

Interest rate is 3% but you have to jump through a bunch of hoops.

Watch out, there are a lot of “gotchas” with this deal. You might do better to wait for Ken’s writeup. Ken can be relied upon to detail ALL the many pitfalls.

Meanwhile, for those brave souls unwilling or unable to wait who wish instead on their own to ferret out all the details:

Link to Eagle Premium Savings deal

There is additional information about the deal here:

More rate detail here on Eagle Premium Savings deal


Hmmm. Deal does appear to be offering a six month rate lock on that 3% APY.


Rate is only good for 6 months. After the 6 months, the regular rate of 2.53% applies.

*$100,000.00 and OVER Introductory Rate (fixed for first 6 months) 2.96% 3.00%
$100,000.00 and OVER (PRIME minus 3.00%) 2.50% 2.53%

So basically $250 additional over the 6 months for 3% versus 2.5% for every $100,000.


First offer for several days… but is it good?

shinobi, name a few gotchas that you see. All I see is Maximum of 1 debit per calendar 6 mo- additional will incur per 1 item charge. I don’t do debits, but I guess I could start. I suppose you would have to have more funds in the Savings to offset the debit.

3% sounds good.


SoFi Money just removed spend and deposit requirements.

Does it qualify for this thread? I think so, but I don’t have any experience with and it would be the first of its kind. They say it’s a hybrid checking + savings account (currently paying 2.25%) offered by a brokerage (?), which I think is most similar to Fidelity’s Cash Management account. FDIC insured up to $1.5MM via deposit sweep at 6 banks (250K * 6). I don’t see the 6/mo withdrawals limit, so it’s really just a high yield checking account with no minimum requirements or monthly fees.


Alliant up to 2.1% but always lagging behind Ally. What’s up with that?


At this writing Ken still has not posted on the Eagle Premium Savings deal, which is available to all. Instead he posted on some GoldenWest deal which is limited to folks living in a small portion of Utah!! Go figure.

Anyway, I held off when posting above thinking Ken would come along and clarify everything. Since that has not happened, yet, here is a link to more information on the Eagle deal posted by Ken’s readers:

Ken’s readers contribute information on Eagle deal

I continue to hope Ken himself will post this deal on his blog. He is a very smart guy in this realm and might see straightaway, or be able to ferret out, “gotchas” I am not seeing.

I mean, what the heck, 3% with a rate lock is a good rate of interest for liquid money . . . . . provided you go in eyes open and aware of any pitfalls.


Eagle Premium Savings deal…

I’m going to go for this one. Filled out the app & will snail mail the documents later today. Like you said 3% liquid for 6mo (at least)… we’ll see!


You always have demonstrated a lot of pluck, pattyb53. But be careful. One thing not clear to me is:

Exactly how liquid will our funds be, with this deal, in this bank?

In other words, everyone here knows that (for example) Ally no-penalty CDs are really liquid . . . and AgFed no-penalty CDs are quite liquid, too . . . . with scant access delay in both instances. We all have experience with those investment products.

But with this Eagle deal I have no clue how quickly I would be able to access my funds. One withdrawal every six months is fine. But how long does it take them to provide access. Are we allowed, for example, to set up an ACH link to an Eagle account? I dunno.

I would foresee few problems getting money into the Eagle deal. But this is our liquid accounts thread. It’s getting the (supposedly liquid) money out timely that would give me pause.

This is speculation:

It’s possible Ken is taking longer to feature this deal because it is so unlike others and he is having trouble getting a handle on all the facets. Ken is incredibly cautious, which is good. He will not post a deal when he has concerns his readers could be harmed.


shinobi, couldn’t I sit up Alliant small deposits early with Susquehanna Community Bank. Then if I needed the whole $100K, just ACH transfer out with Alliant CU in one lump sum? It seems I read that you can only transfer I time a month without a penalty.

Anyway my stuff is in the mail. I used Priority & she said it should arrive by Friday (no guarantee). Then it dawned on me that Monday is a holiday, so it may take until Tuesday. Maybe by then we will know more details.


I do not have answers regarding this account. However, I am pretty certain the account allows just a single withdrawal every SIX months . . . . not one per month.

It’s a quirky account. Be careful.


@shinobi Yes, I agree, it’s one withdrawal every 6 months - seems pretty clear from their brief summary on their website. As far as @pattyb53 's thought on ACH’ing 100k using Alliant to pull the money, I thought Alliant had fairly conservative ACH limitations - something like 25k a day? I’m not in on this account - yes, it’s only $250 extra interest during the 6 months versus a 2.5% account but the 2.5% accounts do not come with the limit of 1 withdrawal every 6 months, and do not require a minimum of 25k be kept in the account to avoid a fee with interest on that 25k only being 0.35%.There also appears to be an early closure fee on the account.


Alliant CU allows (depending) me, to ACH transfer into Alliant $100K per day. To ACH transfer out only $25K. But now I understand it’s only 1 withdrawal every 6 mo. from the Eagle Premium Savings.

I may not go with this one after hearing, not so good remarks. I have only applied & mailed info at this point. If I decide not to go, I will only be losing the $7.00 Priority mail price. :wink:


Western State Bank 2.50% APY Money Market with No Minimum [Nationwide]

Offer at a glance

  • Interest Rate: 2.50% APY
  • Minimum Balance: None
  • Maximum Balance: $3M
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Hard/soft pull: Unknown
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: Unknown
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Insured: FDIC

The Offer

The Fine Print

*** Rate effective 2/12/19 and may change after account is opened.**

Avoiding Fees

This account has no monthly fees.

From: Doctor of Credit [Additional details available there]

My dilemma is this…should I maintain my Agfed 30 mth no penalty cd @ 2.40% or move the money to a 2.5% account with no guaranteed term. The agfed deal has about 23 months left. I’m thinking guaranteed 2.4 over longer period still beats 2.5 for unknown period. Thoughts?


I certainly agree with that!

I’m holding some of those same AgFed no-penalty certificates. I would not trade them in for the deal you mention.

Rate guarantees, or lock-ins, matter.


Me too… No question, my Ag Fed (no penalty) 2.5% is going to probably last until maturity 4/6/20.

Another thing the Eagle Premium Savings has for certain turned into a 6 mo 3% CD. Not interested!


agfed is a GREAT bank…this is my 2nd promo cd with them…my only issue is a minor annoyance…they are the one bank I deal with NOT listed on personal capital (and I think meaning I have to add them as a manual entry. I tend to use the personal capital aggregator to keep track of all the banks/balances etc.

My other problem child is Wisebanyan…been trying to get personal capital to fix the link to that roboadvisor for 3+ years. Can’t find the CEO’s email either so I can drop him a note.