Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


It is definitely better to fund from Alliant checking, assuming your Alliant checking is linked at PurePoint. Funding this way circumvents the Regulation D dilemma.

When opening a NPCD at PurePoint, the bank offers you every account on your PurePoint linked accounts list to accomplish funding. Really any checking account on your list will get the job done while avoiding Regulation D concerns. I happen to have chosen Alliant checking.


With ach transfers initiated at purepoint, how fast are the funds transferred in compared to when they are withdrawn from the external bank?


When initiated from Purepoint’s system before 9pm, funds are credited to the account and begin earning interest immediately. Funds are generally removed from the external account the following business day.


I agree with what zzz wrote, above. I would add the following:

Funds transferred in to PurePoint savings do not become available for four business days. This means they are available neither for withdrawal NOR for use in opening a PurePoint NPCD.

Funds transferred in to a PurePoint NPCD, directly at time of opening the NPCD, begin earning interest immediately in the CD. However, such funds are not available for withdrawal for seven days, a circumstance which is an outcome of Regulation D.


You hear six days and you hear seven days for the latter. I’m not really certain which it is and I’ve never bothered to find out since I never would close an NPCD of my own that quickly.

Also please note:

Most people are familiar with the “six withdrawals per month” aspect of Regulation D. But there are other lesser known provisions in that regulation, one of which is mentioned above.


This is for information only, my data point:

Executive summary: Get 'em while they are hot! :smile:


I just opened three of the PurePoint 2.60% NPCDs in quick succession. It does not take a long time at all to open these accounts online; scant few minutes per account opening.

In the short time between assignment of my first and third account numbers over thirty other accounts had been opened!

Q: Shin, you do realize some of those might have been other sorts, other types, of accounts, right?

Doubt it. This 2.60% NPCD is firecracker hot at PurePoint right now. I believe most of the thirty+ accounts were, indeed, such 2.60% accounts. 2.60% APY, with effectively a thirteen month rate lock, is a VERY competitive interest rate today for liquid funds.

Q: So what is your point?

Only that this 2.60% NPCD deal might not be around forever. Get 'em while they’re hot! :wink:


I guess I’m very unknowing about the wait period hold, on Deposited Funds Availability in Savings accounts.

I’ve relied on Alliant CU policy of 1 day ACH Transfers both in & out for many years. But the truth is, holds on money can be 3, 4, 6+ days. Alliant CU is the only establishment that I know, where a person can depend upon, for a 1 Day guarantee movement of money.

My experience this past week with EBSB hold on funds deposited is driving me crazy. When I first ACH transferred funds into EBSB on 4/20, I expected my money to show available the next day. BIG Mistake!! Of course then the weekend appeared, so my business day wait was held up 2 extra days. So I thought Monday my money would be available. Would you believe, I was told today 2/26, my money would be available tomorrow 2/27.

The moral of this story is I want to buy in on the 5 day special with Andrews FCU 6mo 3.25% CD which will only last through this week. Can I make it? I don’t know…:wink:


I’m unfamiliar with the funding options at Andrews CU, pattyb53.

But if they have a funding option similar to the ones at Freedom CU or at PurePoint, you should be fine. You just give them your EBSB ABA routing number and account number, along with the type of account (checking or savings) and the amount you want to transfer, and you are done.

If Andrews does not offer this sort of funding option, you had better be on your toes. A telephone call to Andrews right now will prepare you for whatever situation you will be confronting tomorrow. Forewarned is forearmed. :wink:


The question is, has the deposit posted and is just not available?

Because it’s typically either a 4-5 day hold on the funds, or the deposit takes 3 days to post. Regardless, the point is that they are using a cheaper 3-day transfer service, and they’re ensuring the transfer completes successfully before releasing the funds for withdrawal.


Yes glitch 99, the funds were received by EBSB on 2/21, but do not show available until 2/27. Isn’t that the pits?

Hindsight, I would have started earlier, having heard of this deal last week. I could have moved the funds to Alliant checking account & tried the cell phone deposit at Andrews. I see they do that now.

shinobi, I just called Andrews to see if they would move the money by using the routing & acct number method. The answer was no. Too bad for me, but there are other good deals that come along if this doesn’t work. (I hope)


Just like when depositing a check, the deposit posting to your account balance does not indicate the funds have been received by the bank.


That is a tough break, pattyb53 . . . a very tough break.

You would be limited to $25,000. But if the money is available at EBSB tomorrow (Wednesday), and once you have confirmed that availability, you could early in the morning your time do an ACH pull from EBSB into your Alliant account. The money would be available in Alliant next day Thursday. Thursday morning early you slingshot the funds to your Andrews account and it is there Friday in time to get the deal you want, which closes this coming Saturday, March second.

Alternatively, and I think a better option, would just be to wire the funds tomorrow, once they become available, direct from EBSB to Andrews. That way there is no limit on the amount you could transfer. Only problem for you with an eastern to eastern wire is need for you to initiate your wire very early in your day, but of course not so early here in the east.

The above options assume you already have made the proper ACH connections or have already spoken with EBSB about wiring funds and understand their procedures, precautions, security measures, and so forth. Financial institutions, some of them, can be rather persnickety about wiring funds when you are unable to appear in person to order the wire. But the ACH, within the Alliant $25,000 limit, should work for you straightaway provided all of your accounts are already connected . . . . which they should be.

Back now to liquid accounts:

I’m having a bit of fun myself today with the accounts I opened this morning at PurePoint. I assumed the money, currently in Alliant savings, will not be withdrawn from Alliant checking until early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Then I got cold feet. :smile:

So I set up Alliant’s free overdraft protection just in case.:wink:

The game plan all along, if this goes as planned (nothing is ever for certain), is to transfer the funds manually before 6:00 am tomorrow morning from savings to checking, thus limiting the Regulation D hit to just a single withdrawal. But if it turns out I need my backup, and plan B kicks in instead, there will be three Regulation D charges, possibly taking me up to six for the month. With a bit of luck that will not happen.

So anyway, I’m hoping for the best. Alliant runs its ACH files on central time, and I’m on eastern time, so I’ve got 'em by an hour.:smile:


I’m on the fence about that purepoint NPCD. Can I transfer funds to them DIRECTLY to open the cd without having to open the savings first (thereby tieing up the money for several days)?


Well, first thing you must do is to become a PurePoint customer. I really do not know how to do that without opening a PurePoint savings account. However:

There probably IS a way. Just telephone them and ask.

Once you are a PurePoint customer opening the NPCD is easy, with your dough going straight into the NPCD from an external account you have linked prior.

OK, come to think of it, I am aware PurePoint telephone reps have the ability to open a NPCD for you. You would presumably send them a check to get started? I really dunno. Since I became a PurePoint customer quite a while ago, doing business there without a savings account is not territory I ever have explored. Best thing, for certain, would be for you to telephone them, explain what you are seeking to do, and ask for guidance.

As for the account itself, it’s a good one . . . . but only within the realm of liquid funds. It’s a good account for money you seek, for your own reasons and purposes, to keep liquid. It is good because the interest rate is very competitive, as is the rate guarantee. Why keep liquid funds in a situation, for example, where the interest rate is lower and there is a shorter rate guarantee, or no rate guarantee at all?


I have same question as famewolf “I’m on the fence about that purepoint NPCD. Can I transfer funds to them DIRECTLY to open the cd without having to open the savings first (thereby tieing up the money for several days)?”

If anyone call & finds out the answer, please post.
Does purepoint do 2 trials in & OUT when linking an external account?

Is there an upper limit to the amount of an ACH transfer initiated at purepoint?
Is there a limit on # of external accounts linked at purepoint?

I could not find this info in any of the online documents.

$10,000 min to open savings or NPDC and $10,000 in savings to earn 2.35 rate, correct?


I have been getting 2.1% from American Express since 11/22/18.


I redeemed an Ally NPCD with the funds going to Ally savings, and opened the Purepoint NPCD, pulling the funds from Ally savings. I was wondering if the redeemed funds going into Ally savings counts for Regulation D?


The funds going into Ally savings does not count against you with Reg D. However:

If PurePoint pulled funds out of Ally savings, then that withdrawal would increment your Reg D score at Ally.


Can someone remind me what the rate guarantee’s on the 2.5% for East Boston and Northern Savings Banks? Trying to figure out which was shorter.


I believe the NBD rate guarantee extends to mid-year 2019. I do not believe EBSB offers a rate guarantee, but pattyb53 would know more about that than myself. I am not an EBSB customer and she is.


Yes, confirming now the NBD rate is locked until June 30, 2019.


EBSB rate 2.5% now for members. (at least for me)
Don’t know how long this rate will last. No guarantee, I assume until rates in general start to drop.