Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


OK, well maybe it is news after all. I cannot keep up but I’m surely not complaining.

One thing, though:

It is wasteful to keep anything over $1000 in the DCU account because the interest rate above $1000 is quite low. What I do is check from time to time and, once the balance touches $1000, I ACH out everything over $990. Afterwards I again allow growth back up to $1000. Rinse and repeat.


Hi Patty, I jumped in on this after I happened to read this thread and was able to open a MMpromo last week - Thanks to this thread. Like to check with you to make sure I am doing things right, when I signed into my account, I see my share savings at $1.00 listed interest at 0.10% and the MM promo account and a listed interest at tiered even tho I have 10k in the account already. Is that how it appears for you as well or is it just mine? Thanks!

  • Really miss Fatwallet.


Yes fatty, you’re doing everything just right.

I asked the same question about not seeing the 2.75% interest rate listed by the MM Promo. I was told that we would see the interest at the end of the month when it is posted. So I guess we just wait & hope that it shows up as the Rep said…

Another thing I found out after opening the savings. As you post the small deposits for ACH transfers that we are only allowed 6 transfers a month. A Rep suggested I open a checking account & bypass the 6 allowed transfers. I opened the checking account & now do my transfers to the MMP account easily.


Thanks Patty for the quick reply. Noticed that it was not mentioned up thread, there is a fee for paper statement, so for all who signed up for Grow, remember to make sure you have e-statement instead of paper statement. Its a 3 or 4$ for paper statement. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks, Shinobi and Patty for all the infor you have posted. Happy to have gotten in on this deal.

  • Took note about the limited 6 ach allowed from savings. Thanks!


DD is required to receive the bonus however there just needs to be one DD of any amount, not a reoccurring DD. To keep the account fee free(separate from the bonus), there is the option to have a reoccurring DD or to keep a minimum of $1500 in the account.


I opened the Discover account for the $200 bonus. I was surprised to see the $200 bonus show up in my account the same day as the $25K deposit. I almost feel guilty transferring all of it (except a dollar or so to keep the account open) right back out.


Same with me; same day the deposit posted the bonus posted. Easy as pie!


no clawback of bonus or penalties for taking the account down to ~$1?


I read the fine print and it doesn’t say anything about having to leave the money in the account for any length of time.


Last year (I think), I did 6 Discover bonuses, all at the same time. None of them required you to keep the money in the account. In fact, I had to use some of the funds from one of the accounts to hit the max bonus on the sixth account. The accounts need to remain open in order for Discover to have a place to put the bonus payout, but once that was done, I closed five of them.

Although their website is a little rudimentary, it is fast. Also, every one of their CSR’s that I spoke with had an excellent command of the English language and did not talk corp-speak. I’ve still got a few bucks in the account, but wish their interest rate was better.


Capital One 2% savings account offering $500 bonus to keep $50k there for 90 days.


This one will not work for those of us that opened the Capital One 360 MM Acct in Feb. That one was, $50K for 3 months + $500 bonus.


There are posts on
re : Offer not valid for existing or prior Discover savings customers or existing or prior customers with savings accounts that are co-branded or affinity accounts provided by Discover (this bit is new)

Do they really enforce this? any data point please

Zubair#598078 I did the bonus on 2015, and I closed my account in late 2016. Will give it a shot and let you know May 23, 2018 12:22 am
Zubair#602682 Worked like a charm. Bonus posted even before my initial deposit cleared and was available to use.
Allu #655354 Didn’t work for me, when I use the promo code NPBE1018 I get this message:
“Our records show that you are ineligible for this promotion because you have opened a similar account in the past.”
Mike2-15-19 #722969 You have to wait 1.5 – 2 years since closure.

Didn’t work for me, when I use the promo code NPBE319 I get this message:
“Our records show that you are ineligible for this promotion because you have opened a similar account in the past.”
The only Discover bank account I ever had was a savings closed 1-2-2016.
Has anyone else been able top complete this bonus offer having had a savings closed 3years ago? If so, was it the same savings or a different type
Are there any current bonus offers for other Discover savings accounts such as AAA & AAII ?