Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Thanks. I pretty much ceased all use of my Northpointe account back in January, though the account remains open since, well, you never know.:wink:



Hoped for outcome at Grow confirmed this morning for first time. 2.75% APY on insured liquid funds is a very competitive rate of interest. Sweet


Oh yes…:wink: Grow is a nice investment…


Investor’s Access up to 2.5% from 2.4% today.


PurePoint NPCD rate lock renewal interval

At this writing the PurePoint 2.6% NPCD no brainer gift horse remains, as Michelle Harris might put it, “alive and well”. :grinning:

So what is a suitable rate lock renewal interval for this wonderful NPCD? Every week? Every month? Longer?

I dunno, but I’m thinking about this. With some rates trending downward you want the longest rate protection you can achieve. And of course PurePoint will not sound an alarm 24 hours prior to dropping the rate. It’ll just happen with no warning at all . . . if and when it happens.


Well, too late. Ignore the above post.

Proving the importance of a rate lock for liquid funds, PurePoint has lowered the interest rate of their 13 month NPCD to 2.5%.


Easy come, easy go.


I assume you are referring to the AAA and AAII online saving bonuses that overlapped with each other and the main discover bonus at the time. That was 2017. I still kick myself that I didn’t get my wife in on that soon enough to take advantage of getting 6 rather than the 3 I got.

For those that haven’t done Discover yet, they really are the best when it comes to savings bonuses. They payout with a deposit of $XX,XXX almost immediately rather than having to leave money in AND cumulative deposits often trigger the bonus too (do your research on that one, I can’t say first hand).


IGoBanking MM and Purely Banking MM both up to 2.45%


I just got a rude awakening!!

My EBSB account changed from 2.50% to 2.02%. I’m taking funds out immediately.
But, my Northern Bank savings is still showing 2.50%. I don’t have many $'s there right now.

Grow FFCU savings will be paying 2.75% for the rest of the year. So that account will get most liquid funds

Pays to check all accounts regularly!!


How did you find this? My EBSB account shows the same 2.47% rate in the only place I can find a rate listed.


My account used to say 2.5%, I did withdraw some of the money. Today the rate shows 2.02%.


When did you first open it? I think I was a little later to this party, maybe there’s an unstated rate lock that ran out for you first? Otherwise I’m confused why you rate would change but mine wouldnt? Or am I missing something?


Mine also continues to say 2.47/2.50. This is how it shows up for me on my account page:

Interest rate: 2.47%
Last statement APY earned: 2.50%


How long was your money in ebsb from opening to now?


Pretty sure I got into EBSB right when it went to 2.5% and mine still shows 2.47% with 2.5% APY.


Yeah, I looked back in this thread, and I actually got my account opened before patty.


@pattyb53 What balance do you have in your account right now and what was it before your last withdrawal? I don’t remember what the balance tiers were on the account when I opened it for the 2.5% rate but the current account for new customers(which only pays 1.8%) lists the following tiers(maybe there were similar tiers on the account when we all opened?):

No interest will be paid on balances less than $10, balances $10 to less than $10,000 earns 0.50% APY, balances $10,000 to less than $2 million earns 1.80% APY and balances $2 million and over earns 0.80% APY.


I think I had around $40K before I withdrew money last. I decided to go with Grow 2.75%. I now have around $2K left in EBSB. Maybe the lower balance caused the change to 2.02%.

EBSB was great while it lasted. I remember when they lowered their rate earlier & mine stayed at 2.5%.

Anyway it’s time for me to move on!!


I don’t recall if the 2.5% required you have 25K or not but if so that would have resulted in the drop.


I have mine down to just over 10k as I’m doing bonuses at a number of other banks simultaneously so 25k isn’t the magic number, maybe 10k or 5k. @pattyb53 didn’t give a round number as to what her account balance is currently.