Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards


No, CapOne does not allow changing CA limit on any of their cards, and in my experience the automatically assigned CA limit is 30-50% of CL. They’ll also tell you that a transaction won’t process as CA unless you supply the CA PIN, but this is false. ~5 years ago I was charged a CA fee for purchasing Amex GCs (directly online), even though my purchase amount exceeded my CA limit. I believe it went through as a purchase and was re-coded as CA after it posted. IIRC they reversed the fee after I wrote a strongly worded letter (with multiple arguments, one of which was that the transaction should have been declined because it exceeded my CA limit), but I’ve stopped using their cards for such purposes.


Thanks, scripta. Yeah, as I signalled in my edit, above, there are simply too many unfavorable reactions online to Capital One for me to go forward with their CC products. I already got bit at NFCU. That was enough for me. AA spoils my fun.

I’m currently operating eleven cash back cards, pushin’ 'em hard each month, all without any AA (or BS) whatsoever. I can live without Quicksilver. “Pigs go to slaughter.”


Sure. Read scripta’s post. It is in the nature of the “purchases” I make that some banks seek to consider them cash advances. Else a card issuer will accept the “purchase” as a purchase but not award me the reward I deserve and have earned (NFCU). I had another card where the card issuer simply declined my “purchases”, a totally fair action on the issuer’s part in my view.

Such stuff as all that is the exception. Most often there is money to be made. But not always. After reading about scripta’s experience, and reading other negative reports elsewhere online, I realize Quicksilver is not a CC I want. There are other fish in the sea.


They’re just fine for regular spending. I think QuickSilver is the best no-AF card for foreign travel (no AF, no FX, 1.5% CB). Cap1 also has a few cards with pretty good signup bonuses if you don’t mind the triple inquiry.


I concede that is entirely possible. I know VERY little about regular spending . . . . have scant experience.


When you eventually run out of new cards to apply for and 1.5% back would still make you money, it makes sense to apply for Capital One Quicksilver and just test the waters for a month or two. But I would put it at the bottom of my list for sure.


I received the Amex Everyday Blue Cash card about a month ago, hit the $1K spend today and the $150 credit shows in my account.