Brokerage firms and bonuses discussion

Brokerage firms and bonuses discussion


I rolled over to IRA last year. Can I move these funds another bank and get another bonus. Also would like to know safe target funds to move my money. Wasting my money sitting in the account. Please suggest.


I did roll over last year. Can I transfer to Merrill one more time and get the bonus. Do they have cheap target date retirement funds like vanguard.


Reminder for folks that the March 31 deadline for the Merrill offer is quickly approaching.

Probably the most lucrative one ongoing :slight_smile:

Alternately, the Merrill +50% bonus for IRAs only, ending April 17.


Damn today is the last day to open a Merill account but the code is showing up expired… Should I call the customer service center to see if they can help?


I’m hearing Q2 bonuses at TDA are going to be something like 0.1% on the higher end, i.e. $1M gets you $1000, etc, possibly with some free trades thrown in.


I’d try again a few more times today. ME has technical difficulties here and there. If you call, they may ask about your attendance/participation in the Money Show event.

These promotions seem to be pretty frequent this past ~6-12 months. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see another in a few months


Data point here…

Last fall I signed up for the Merrill Edge promotion SFMS17. The code was only supposed to be good for Money Show attendees.
I received the bonus :slight_smile:


Are there any promotions to roll over IRA. I rolled over my 401k into scwabb last year. Would like to roll over into other financial institute if there are any bonus offerings. Are we allowed to roll over every year from one institute to other institute.



Merrill talking to me about 0.25% cash bonuses, i.e. $2500 for $1M, $1200 for $500k, etc.


You should ask for more. Here’s an IRA transfer offer that expired two days ago:

A recent taxable brokerage offer was as follows:

Open a new Merrill Edge account and transfer between $20,00 and $200,000 in assets to get the following bonus tiers:

Transfer $200,000 or more and get a $1,000 bonus (standard is $600)
Transfer $100,000 or more and get a $500 bonus (standard is $250)
Transfer $50,000 or more and get a $250 bonus (standard is $150)
Transfer $20,000 or more and get a $100 bonus (this is standard)


I have an existing account at TDA with a few dollars of cash in it. Called TDA about promotions for existing accounts. Ended up getting TDASHOW applied to account.

$ 100 when you deposit $25,000–$49,999
$ 200 when you deposit $50,000–$99,999
$ 500 when you deposit $100,000–$249,999
$ 1,000 when you deposit $250,000 or more

They said the promotion code is good until I think the end of September, but I have 30 days to transfer in assets once the promotion was applied.

Registering for shows like this sometimes triggers e-mail offers from brokerages during or the day after the show ends:


I don’t remember Ally being mentioned in this thread…
They are offering up to $3500 for $2M deposit;0;


I have a TDA account that will hit the 1yr anniversary in July. I haven’t liked their app much and am looking forward to transferring.

I’d love to try Schwab (it’s about the only major broker where I have never had an account). I saw a month ago someone mentioned a $1k bonus on $250k, which I’d gladly take. Has anyone seen a non-targeted offfer lately?


Has Fidelity given up on issuing bonuses for good? I still have some cash back stranded in a Fidelity Visa and was waiting until Fidelity gave a good bonus before liquidating it.


Kinda seems like it… at least for the short-term…Hustler Money Blog Brokerage Bonuses


As far as I know, they stopped giving them in response to the fiduciary obligation floated by the DOL. This is dead, but now that the SEC is floating an alternative rule, I would be surprised they renew the bonuses until there is clarity there.


Which fiduciary obligation are you referring to?


Here is a link explaining the DOL fiduciary rule:

Here is the new proposed SEC one:


Why would that influence their decision to give out a new customer incentive?


Because, as a fiduciary, they can’t fleece you for as much money.