CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread

@scripta, looks like tables were turned on. Sample table:

Sample Current CD Rates
BANK Name Total APY Term
ABC Bank 1.30% APY 18 Months >
P&L Thrift 1.30% APY 18 months>
Temporary Bank 1.25% APY 12 months>

I moved liquid savings funds to Salem 5 drawing 1.50%. Shortly afterwards I saw another credit union offer for 1.55%.(I didn’t bother for 1.55% since I already had an old Salem 5 CU that was opened.) These rates offer more for me than a CD showing 1.60% ±. No strings attached on the Savings accounts.

You ALWAYS have to pay for interest earned in the current year. That’s why they send you a 1099. The exception is retirement accounts, IRA’s, annuities etc which are deferred.

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Thanks! Looks real promising although for the real one we’d need a column for max funds as well since some are limited…also a flag for “No Penalty” I suppose.

I’ll go for the higher interest if it’s no penalty. The difference between savings and a no penalty cd is pretty meaningless unless you need the funds in under 30 minutes and even then Ally has the funds in your savings/checking within 30 seconds of closing the account normally.

Thanks for finally getting this done. Here it is:

It’s sad how far behind the bandwagon depositaccounts is getting. No mention of Ally’s rate bump or dollarsavingsdirect/redneck bank giving 1.50% for savings…etc. Glad to have this and the new liquid thread.

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I’m wondering are we going to do a similar table for CD’s or are we relying on depositaccounts for that? The Navy Fed 15 month 50K max 2.25% APY CD should certainly be towards the top at the moment right under the no penalty cd’s I’d think.

Post #1 is editable by anyone. This post predates the auto-wiki second post so there’s no 2nd post wiki. I’ll start the table with the Navy Fed CD you’re talking about, but am not really into the CD game so I won’t be updating.

I appreciate you taking the time to do that. I’ll add the no penalty cd’s I know about once I look them up to ensure they are still available.

Awesome job on the edit. We’re building something here. :slight_smile:

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simplified and linkified :slight_smile:

SO on 12-13-17 FED hiked interest rates and said 3 more hikes in 20188, correct?
AaAny known hikes in CDs air savings? I have not found any

Ally increased the rate on its 11 month no-penalty CD to 1.75% APY for balances of 25K or more. They also increased the rate on their 12 month CD to 2.00% APY. Both of these rate hikes are supposed to be for a limited time (12/19/17 thru 1/02/18).

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Where do you see " limited time (12/19/17 thru 1/02/18)" just curious, I don’t see it

I updated the table however folks should try it themselves to see how easy it is to modify an entry…just click on the icon in upper right of a post of a pencil writing on a page then go to the bottom where it says “Edit Wiki” and press that. You are then in a bunch of html on the left with it showing what it looks like on the right. Each entry has it’s own line and in this case it was just changing the 1.60% to 1.75%. A new bank you could just copy/paste an existing line then change the details.

No mention of the rate being temporary is mentioned here where it talks about the new rate:

Canceled old. Created one at new rate. 5 minutes or less. Also added the Ally 1 year cd @ 2.0%.


“limited time 12/19/17 thru 1/02/18” is mentioned on the landing page (ad on right side)

Thank you. Had to reload his page with ublock disabled but did indeed see it. Will add the info to the wiki.

With DollarSavingsDirect Bank’s new rate of 1.60% on it’s saving accounts it becomes THE place to park cash coming out of regular 12-15 month cd’s that have EWP. This gives you the time to research the best rate although Ally’s 1.75% for the no penalty 11 month and 2% for their normal 12 month cd (only 60 day interest EWP which is very small for this category) are still the best I know of for short term rates.

I’ve seen posting of other banks that have raised their rate but honestly unless they beat the Ally rates I have not seen much need to post them. They of course are available on

where do you see a 1.6% savings account?
I do not see it on nor
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