CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread


Although there is a promo code to join the American Consumer Council it appears there is still a $1 membership fee at the time of the $5 deposit into a savings account or am I going about this the wrong way?


Suggest you give them a call


I filled out their online application. Then received “Congratulations, You have completed your application.” On down it states. In order to complete your membership, they want a copy of DL.

I will need to call their number now to get an address or maybe a FAX # to send the copy of DL.

As shinobi said, we can get the membership & hang tight until they have a better offer.

Thanks shinobi for USSFCU info…


This info may work (from 2nd page of application):

United States Senate Federal Credit Union
PO Box 4040
Staunton, Va. 24402
Tel: 202-224-2967


If they are unwilling to accept an e-mailed copy of one’s driver’s license and insist, instead, on our snail mailing in a copy . . well . . that is not so great.


New CD advertised at Justice Federal Credit Union.
24-Month CD Special 3.354% ($100K minimum) or
24-Month CD Special 3.252% ($500 minimum)

I already have an account with Justice FCU. I also have an old Justice CD 2.2% that will mature April 2019.
Rates are looking much better this year…:wink:


Might want to mention those require you to also have a checking account with them. To bypass the $8 a month fee on the checking you will have to maintain a $2500 min balance. There were a few other things mentioned on depositaccounts.


Ken reported extensively this (Friday) morning on the USSFCU 5 year CD I mentioned up thread. According to Ken:

All tiers of this CD offer current highest 5 year interest rate in the USA. Also, USSFCU is very old and currently carries an A+ rating.

For whatever it’s worth, I do not like this CD and will not be participating. This is because I expect interest rates to go higher, especially in light of this morning’s employment report. But I also realize opinions on this stuff vary widely, and this USSFCU CD pays more than any other 5 year CD right now. So I thought it was worth posting.

I do continue to believe joining USSFCU right now for free might be worthy of your consideration. I have not done so myself . . . . yet. But free is cheap.


Does anyone know if you have to join the VA chapter of ACC? It appears so from their application and web site. I joined ACC a while back for some other CU (maybe Andrews).


I’m guessing “yes”. I base this on my experience at Sharonview.

However, since VACC membership is currently free with the USSFCU promo code, I see no major problem.


The link on their website takes you to the regular ACC website. Since I joined when I opened an account with Andrews I marked I was already a member…I have my member # and the certificate they emailed if necessary. I didn’t fully go through the process though because it was saying there was a membership fee of $1 and several others had reported not seeing that…perhaps they opened a cd instead of the savings account? Still not sure.

This bank has several negative reports on depositaccounts about requiring documents to be mailed in and in general making things slow…so I haven’t really been beating down the door.


famewolf, thanks for reminding all about Justice FCU, the $2500 checking acct. required to get the full 3.35% CD.

I already have a Justice FCU account from previous times. So I have the $2500 checking account along with my CD’s. I called this morning to find out if the previous requirements were still in effect,…& yes they are.

I would say that Justice FCU Specials are the best going… (right now)


According to depositaccounts, United Texas Bank raises 12-Month CD to 2.80% APY - available nationwide.


For those who find the USSFCU deal I posted up thread to be too long and at too low an interest rate:

Freedom is offering slightly more APY (3.56%) at a term of just 30 months. That’s still too long for me . . . . but I realize for others this might be of interest so I’m posting the deal.

Couple of catches:

First, new money only!! Second, deal does not go “live” until Monday, August sixth.

I did the last Freedom deal and the credit union treated me OK. Good luck to all, whatever you decide.


Look, I’m not jumping on deals like this because I happen to think interest rates are going up. That is merely conventional wisdom right now.

People like me who think rates are ascending could be full of prunes. Nobody knows for sure what interest rates are gonna do. If rates head south and remain depressed you are better off locking in for a longer term at USSFCU. You have to decide for yourself what you believe will happen . . . . . and invest accordingly.

Me? Believe it or not, the last two CDs I opened, and this was very recently, will mature before the election! Once I get the election results I will know what to do and where I’m going. Until then . . . . . well . . . . .

As John Scheuer used to say years ago: “Keep it short, keep it safe!” :grinning:

Did anyone else used to listen to John back in the early (19) eighties?


I opened an Ally No Penalty CD 1.85% with Ally on July 23rd. They upped the rates on 08/03 which just squeaks by their 10 day rate guarantee so I got zero notice from them. Closed and reopened it today to get it up to the 2% rate being offered. Certainly something other’s should be checking if they recently did an ally NP cd.


Now that I see Freedom CU offer of 30-mo CD 3.56% I may check it out.

I was thinking about Justice FCU 24-mo CD 3.35%.

These 2 offers look pretty good to me. I have been waiting for that 4% short term (2-3 year). Odds of???


I do not see that 4% CD materializing prior to the election. But if I’m wrong and it does . . . . I’m in.

After the election?

Well, that’s going to depend on the outcome of the election. :wink:


At the same time at least one person having a much more important opinion than me . . . disagrees with me. To wit:


Dimon opines on the 10 year

As I always say, people must make up their own minds, individually, on this stuff. :grinning:


Chartway FCU (easy membership) raised the rate on its 12-month No Penalty Share Certificate to 2.00% APY. $500 min. One partial withdrawal or early closure permitted.

They are going to have to do better than this since Ally already does 2% for NP unless you just need a 2nd source. via Deposit Accounts