CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread


shinobi, I’m not worried about a compliance officer coming after me.

I was honest with my application & it was immediately approved. Actually I have been approved for an account & my money accepted ($5 savings acct). I have a member # & account #. I’M ON MY WAY!!

I do notice that on Pathway FCU site that they are not advertising the special any longer. But when I log into my account there is a way to follow through & open the 40-Month CD (4% APY). I know that the offer is good through 12/31/18. I will pursue the CD on 12/14 when I have more funds available.


pattyb53, like most posters here I feel a responsibility to avoid misleading others. I have done my best in that regard.

All I can do now is wish you every possible success with the course you have chosen. I hope things work out for you exactly as you wish. Good luck.


That’s all automated, typically thru a third party vendor. But it’s pretty certain that somewhere in the terms you agreed to, you “confirmed” that you met their eligibility criteria, or atleast were alerted to the possibility they may request verification of your eligibility. If/when that happens, anything that’s been opened will be unopened.

That said, there’s no harm in trying. So good luck! Especially when you are waiting a full month before moving any significant funds there, there’s really nothing to lose. But I wouldn’t count on the promo lasting until the end of the year, either.


glitch99, Thanks for your comment… I would agree that they might like to end this promo before the end of the year. But, the promotion states that this special will be offered through December 31, 2018.

Also I can state that the offer has been eliminated on their Pathways FCU site. But when I log into my account, I can open the 40-Month CD (4%) within the account. I guess that will make the deal good until 12/31/18.

As you state there is no harm in trying. I will remit my money for the CD the middle of December. By that time I will have a clear view of the validity of this promo.


Discover 12-month now at 2.60%.


If you are currently holding an Ally no penalty CD the rate rose from 2.10% to 2.20%. Time to cancel/reissue. For those doing the 1% bonus offer from Ally, I don’t believe this should affect that since the money always stays in ally’s hands and checking, saving, cd’s are all mentioned as valid for that offer.


Bit of a dilemma this morning. On background, I adopted a while back an “asset spreading” strategy (as always am NOT trying to convince others to follow my approach). Was pleased with recent outcome at Garden, where all went in accord with plan. However:

In the spirit of spreading was left yesterday looking at Connexus. My commitment there would not be as large as at Garden. Of the two deals I think Garden is (was) the better one. Anyway, there I am over at Ken’s site reading all the Connexus comments. Then I happened upon the comments there one Connexus deal back. In a nutshell, too many commenters for my taste think Connexus is unreasonable regarding security. “Obsessed” might be a better word, in particular when time comes to re-claim your money at maturity.

So dilemma I’m confronting is whether to just let Connexus go and await the next 4% deal, or send them some money. For the record, I am not at present a Connexus member.

Pathways? I’ve not ignored that great opportunity. Been working for several days to make contact with the right person, the decision maker there, who can rule on whether a route for me into the credit union even exists. These things can go either way, and even if they open the door it will still remain to me to do the required homework, which can be quite time consuming. Last time I (successfully) did that sort of homework it took me about two months. I noticed yesterday Pathways is in Columbus (home of “the” OSU) so perhaps this time it would not take so long. But no sense doing anything until they rule.


Just a heads up:

For those with PenFed CD maturities upcoming shortly, in first half of December.

Be certain you have selected your maturity option for each CD you might have with them. This selection can be accomplished online with no need to telephone the credit union.

My own selection is to move funds straightaway into savings whereupon money will be yanked out of PenFed via ACH and into PurePoint (or wherever, maybe some into Alliant).


I struck out at Pathways. They were very courteous and totally gave me a fair shake. They even consulted their charter! But I was told that after review they believed admitting me as a member would for them be a charter violation. Obviously they would never do that, I understand completely. Such a great deal. Hate to miss out.

Connexus? Have set aside my application for now. Spoke with them; nice folks. But the comments on Ken’s site from back in May are just too concerning. Quite possibly a mistaken judgement on my part not to go ahead regardless. Just not prepared under the circumstances to move forward.

Q: Shin, have you tried your “attend school” angle at Founders?

I have not. The Pathways deal is so great I thought it was worth the trouble. The Founders deal is a more conventional 4%, five year, deal. It’s a perfectly good deal. But I’m not as motivated by the Founders’ terms as I was by the better deal at Pathways.

Those are the only 4% CD deals of which I’m aware at present. Given rates are still rising, I’m not looking to do anything below 4%.


Uh, I could be full of prunes with this observation. This is a CD discussion thread. NOTHING is more important here than interest rates and their direction. Interest rates going forward depend on future level of economic activity.

I’m sitting here typing looking out at between eight and ten inches of snow, snow which I’ll shortly be out there shovelling. All I know about future economic activity is what I can glean on the internet. My personal experience, e.g. clearing away snow, does not help much at all. So here is what I’m seeing that is making me think twice:

This is from Ken’s forum

This is from NBC news

Bottom line:

If the economy is cooling then I’m probably wrong about CD rates continuing to head north. What do you think? Where are intermediate to longer CD interest rates headed from here?


As I read from Ken’s forum, they say to lock in the highest rate for the longest period of time.

I still don’t like to lock in for the longer period. Right now my longest period of CD is Sharonview 4% maturing 7/2023. (that’s when my driver’s license expires). My next would be Freedom CU 3.56% maturing 2/2021. I’m still working on Pathways 40-mo 4%.

shinobi, I hope your thoughts about CD rates cooling is wrong. Savings rates seem to be holding tight…


Gosh I wish I were able to know in which direction interest rates are headed! Today the Dow closed down almost 400 points. That’s not great.

We will know more in a month when the FOMC meets in December. Their failure then to raise short rates the long-anticipated additional quarter point would signal they believe the economy is weakening. And of course a weakening economy is not supportive of higher long-term interest rates.

The FOMC meets on Tuesday, December eighteenth. They will make their announcement on Wednesday, December nineteenth, in the early afternoon. So will Christmas arrive early? I dunno.


Ally has upped the APY on their 11 month no-penalty CD again. Current APY is now 2.25%.

This means many Payback Time participants, including me, are gonna have to close their existing 2.20% APY certificates and then re-open at the new higher rate.

Note the 2.25% APY rate applies to accounts of $25,000 and over.

If Ally keeps this up I won’t have to withdraw my money on January sixteenth! :grinning:

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

I just received the paperwork for the 11-month CD opened on 11/10, which lasted only 10 days! Is there a way to suppress that mailing?


Am a bit confused. Why would you desire to suppress that mailing?

Anyway, my own closures and reopenings at the new, higher, rate went forward uneventfully. It did take me a good fifteen minutes, though, to convert the three accounts. It’s important to convert ASAP since they might raise the rate once again and you must wait six days before you are permitted to close. You want that six day clock to commence running as soon as possible.


shinobi, I guess I struck out at Pathways also.

They accepted my application & $5 but without hesitation they cancelled everything. I could cause a problem & reject it but it’s not worth the effort. I did belong to one of their SEGs but without even an e-mail or call to discuss the issue they just closed my account.

As you said it was such a great deal but there will be others coming. (I hope)


Just like most of my statements are online only, I have no use for it.


That’s a whole nother other situation entirely! That’s a big deal that never applied to me.

I would definitely ring them up and discuss the matter. You’ve nothing whatsoever to lose . . . . . and a whole lot to gain!!!

You deserve to know why you were dismissed even though you qualify owing to SEG association.

Their telephone number: (800) 367-7485

Just bear in mind they are on eastern time.


Thanks shinobi, I decided to give Pathways a call.

Of course they couldn’t give a direct response. So they said I would get a call from someone later. A couple hours later a rep returned the call. I did my explaining on the matter, to which their only response was, I didn’t live in their state. Even though I told them that I belonged to one of the SEGs listed. The rep insisted that I still must reside in OH. I also explained that I never receive an e-mail or call regarding my application. She said, they had sent me an e-mail which was not true.

So I said, “it’s your loss”, I’ll take my money elsewhere. So, for Thanksgiving we will all be on the lookout for GOOD DEALS in the near future.


I commend you for having tried, pattyb53. I would not have seen coming the “because you do not live in Ohio” excuse . . . not after your listed-SEG association was made known to them.

When I was trying to gain entry I specifically inquired whether my lack of Ohio residence was a deal killer. They said “no”. But of course they had a different way to spear my own membership aspirations.

So it goes. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. But you never win if you do not play the game. :wink: