CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread



I just spoke to Melissa at Sun East & she told me I would receive my acct # this evening. Don’t know why she wouldn’t give it to me now.

But, I don’t think this deal is going to last much longer. When I persisted about getting the acct # to get my funds into the savings sooner, she said, I could do so tomorrow. I asked about how long this deal would last, her response was “get your funds in soon”.


Got my account # today with Sun East FCU. I have started the small deposits to connect with Alliant & PurePoint. Nothing can happen until Monday 12/11 or Tuesday.

Actually this deal could work out fairly well after checking the Stock Mkt 12/7.
So I’ll hang tight & see what happens this next week.

Still wondering why Ken isn’t showing this one. It’s an easy opening…


Already answered up thread. If you go over to Ken’s site and read the comments for Sun East from back around the time this deal first materialized they are . . . well . . . pretty bad, even denigrative in a couple of instances.

Great as is, I suspect Ken does not keep up with events here. He is unaware, in my view, of the changes at Sun East. And I hope nobody clues him in until my funds have reached their destination. Ken posts this deal front and center on his site and a deluge could follow.:grinning:


Posted Monday 10 December early AM ET

For anyone interested in the Sun East deal:

Just off telephone with them. There is a real possibility deal could end today. If not today, representative advised the end is surely near regardless.

Strongly urge you contact Sun East ASAP to explain your situation if you are in process of getting money to them. Good luck to all.


I just tried to reach Sun East by phone & no response except to leave a message. I don’t wish to leave a message because I need to explain my situation. Of course my small deposits have not connected because I sent them on Saturday. I may miss out! I’ll try again later today. ;(


Very sorry to learn of your situation pattyb53. I urge you to continue attempting to connect with Sun East. I had no trouble at all when I telephoned them just after 8:00 am ET. They open at 8:00 am.

I just checked their website and the deal continues to be shown there, so perhaps you will be OK. But regardless, it is essential you make contact with them. Trust me on this, you need to tell them your deposit is on its way.

I also am using Alliant, but I was fortunate to apply for my trial deposits just prior to the cut off (noon CT) last Friday. Hence, my trial deposit and withdrawal were there this (Monday) morning and I was able to link the accounts straightaway.

I hope you do not miss out.


shinobi, Thanks for the info.

My last call, I decided to leave a message regarding my account. Since the offer is still listed on Sun East site, I may still make it tomorrow. Question… when you used Alliant for your small deposits. Along with your member # did you include 0001 at the end for the Savings Acct. I did, & now I’m hoping the small deposits are there Tuesday am.

Will see tomorrow…


NO! NO!!

0001 is the account designator suffix. It is NOT part of your account number for ACH purposes!!! I apologize for not posting this sooner:

Your account number at Sun East is a ten digit number commencing with the number “1” followed by several zeroes. HOWEVER:

For ACH purposes Sun East uses a modified account number in accord with the following:

The first four digits are: 1001

That is followed by your ten digit account number.

Thus, the modified Sun East account number, used for ACH purposes, contains fourteen digits. There are no dashes and there are no spaces.

I learned the above by speaking with them and mentioning I was setting up an ACH link to my Sun East account.

What can you do?

You need to call them, advise them of your error, and ask for more time.


Well I fouled that up!

So I’ll be another day or 2 late. To late to call them today. I can redo with Alliant. So as I understand when I put my account #, it would have 1001 followed by the 10 numbers. 100110000+5 more numbers. This is very different than we usually do.

Let me know if this is correct…:wink:


Yes, pattyb53, that is exactly right.:grinning:

BTW, I have no way to forecast what the Sun East team will do when they encounter an erroneous ACH account number. They might look at it, see it is not in the proper form, and then process things manually. Or they might just cast it aside. I have no way to know.


The Sun East deal remains alive and apparently will be good at least through close of business today (Tuesday), if not longer.

My first tranche of funding, sent via ACH, reached Sun East this morning. They very kindly added the funds to my CD account which was opened yesterday, but only for $500 which came out of the small amount of money I had put into savings via credit card when I first did my application last week. Have one final funding tranche which will hit tomorrow, then I’m done.

Enjoyed a very sweet outcome regarding maturity. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than smart. But with the CD having been opened yesterday, my day of maturity is a Wednesday. Thus, assuming I remain alive when this CD matures which surely could be an issue, extraction itself should not be an issue. :wink:



I decided to go ahead & ACH $10K from PurePoint & It should show up at Sun East tomorrow. If I can get Alliant lined up for small deposits (re do with proper numbers) to show tomorrow, I may make it. No guarantee…

Sounds like you have great communications with them. I did at first before the mad rush came upon Sun East. Now the best I can do is leave a message. Hope this deal works out for me. If you remember my other large CD matures 12/14. At that point I will have more funds to work with & maybe make a larger, more profitable investment.



I was not sufficiently respectful of your mention of need to leave a call back message . . . . .

until it happened to me this morning!!!:open_mouth:

Waiting for a call back is not my preferred method of dealing with financial matters. Too often the call does not come timely, if it arrives at all. So I went into my customary overflow protocol instead. And that was successful.

What is the overflow protocol? It’s not in the least complex. Just keep on dialing and trying until you get through. It did not take me very long to get past the “we’ll call you back” message, reach a human being, and “get 'er done”. Patience wins the prize. So does persistence.


shinobi, I really appreciate your help on this one…

My $10K from PurePoint was deposited in the Sun East special 27mo 3.5% CD today. The small deposits showed up for Alliant CU also. (that took an extra day because of the mixup) I told the rep that more funds would arrive tomorrow & she said I could add that money to this CD. Kinda of surprised me that I could add to the CD.

Again, a long wait to talk to a rep.


It’s always a pleasure to be of service.

Can tell you that you now are in the tall alfalfa. Which is to say:

The CD remains available today, even for others, and yours is already open. That is a happy outcome. And of course you will now benefit from the ability to add on, for how much longer I do not know, but surely for a short while if not longer. Patience and persistence win the prize. And you persisted. Congrats!


What’s a “grace period” for a CD? My Garden Savings CD paperwork arrived today, and it includes a grace period of 10 days. I’m sure it’s generally not all tha important, but curious as to what it refers to.


You can withdraw your deposit without the early withdrawal penalty (EWP). Typically, this comes into play when they auto-renew the CD at the end of the term (at a lower interest rate hoping you aren’t paying attention). But for a new CD, just a period of time that you can change your mind.


I’m just wondering if you folks think that Sun East FCU special 27mo 3.5% CD is a good deal at this time. I have opened & funded this CD for a moderate amount of money. I completed these transactions this morning.

The only CD that I have that better’s this deal is the Sharonview CD that was a 4yr 4%. I don’t like to go with a CD that is longer than 3-4 years & hopefully 3.5-4%+.

So my question is… If a person has more liquid funds available now or soon, what should we do with it…place those funds in EBSB Savings 2.5% & wait for better times or go for another Sun East CD? Just wondering…:wink:


Personally, I would wait before locking in for 27 months. There are so many options in mid 2’s as you noted.


My own commitment at Sun East was modest. I thought the deal there was good, good enough to attract some of my funds, but NOT great . . to where I would have been diving in head first. I am not adding more money at this time.

I will know much more this coming Wednesday afternoon, 12/19. If the FOMC declines then to raise the Federal Funds Rate, signalling their belief the economy is slowing, I might even consider adding more money to my Sun East CD, if they allow it. But if the Fed instead raises the Federal Funds Rate, as expected, I will remain in cash going into 2019.