CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread

Yes, I saw this one late last night. Now, from what I read 3/31, it’s dead. No way to make it work! If this one has been available since the first on the month, why didn’t we hear?

I have something working that I may need some big cash on hand. With that in mind I wouldn’t want to use my funds here anyway. So I don’t feel quite so bad at missing this one.

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What’s going on?? Every time we hear of a decent CD rate, it only lasts for a couple days.
MSD FCU ends 3/31 & the new Dow Chemical ends 3/31, just posted on Ken’s site.

We need a way to get a heads up on interesting options before they expire… :wink:

Sometimes you get the bear.

Other times the bear gets you.

Managed to finagle a sweet bear rug at MSD FCU. It was all luck; no skill involved.

They pushed hard on new members to move funds to them by wire. Coincidentally they have a $15 incoming wire fee! Big shock, right?

Anyway, I did not take the bait and mailed them a check, instead. Cost me one stamp. The USPS did not let me down, delivering my check just in the nick of time. Got the 3.5% APY CD and also double interest of 6% on my deposit for three days. You cannot beat that outcome with a big stick!

Q: Uh, Shin, you do realize if your letter had not been delivered timely you would have missed the deal entirely . . . right? And are you aware the USPS cannot be relied upon at all?

Yeah, I know. But you try stuff. Sometimes it works out. Other times things do NOT go your way and you lose. It’s a lottery. You cannot win if you do not play.

Candidly I was curious to find out what would happen if my check had not arrived when it did. Sure, they were insistent up front it was a HARD cutoff of the deal today, Friday. But would they actually have enforced that hardline position holding my check in their hands on Monday, if it had not arrived until then? I dunno and I never will . . now. But I was willing to risk it . . . just for fun.:grin:

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One lucky dude! Congratulations…

I guess with 1 stamp, you didn’t go “next day deliv”? That usually costs around $27. I have used that method before on an outstanding deal…

So the wait goes on.
I have 2 CD’s that mature in April. I have a couple add-on CD’s that pay 3 & 3.15%. But, I may go ahead & use our Grow MM Special 2.75%, to hang tight.

NFCU CD and IRA specials:

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don’t understand the fixation chasing rates with the CD accounts. I gave up with tying up funds and mainly am into the gift card/Wmart/depositing to numerous checking accts. (manufactured spending) Very lucrative and tax free but you need the right cards to plus free time. But I am sold on CIT 2.45 rate…no hassles…no time limits. Some here can try for checking bonuses… easy requirements and easy money. I do that also. Did the 450.00 bonus from Citizens bank and got the $ yesterday. You can close acct with no penalty but I leave it there for some extra time. There is an unadvertised special at Republic Bank for a 750 bonus with 15k Balance. You can find the ad online…It states only available in Jackson Hole WY. BUT NOT TRUE… I opened the acct last week on Park Ave in NYC. Exp date extended to 4/30/19. They seem to have many branches but must go in person. Hope I helped someone.

I agree with your general perspective in this post. But I do have to nit-pick the statement about CIT. They have a history of inventing new savings products to avoid paying advertised rates to their existing customers. I had three different accounts with them last year, all the same thing. Yes, you can call in and get your funds moved over, but I think at that point, they are no longer eligible for the words “no hassle.”

Also, remember that some of us here have done the FIRE thing. Even with all our other activities, time spent managing our finances is not as scarce as those with regular jobs. It doesn’t take as much incentive to chase increased return because there is enjoyment in the pursuit. That doesn’t mean I’d move money around for an extra tenth of a percent, but if I have cash I can tie up for 8 months, I’m certainly going to commit that at 2.85% rather than settle for 2.35%.

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Folks, did you notice Grow Financial FCU is offering a couple new CD’s.
15-mo CD 3.35% $100K–also 15-mo CD 3.25% less than $100K.

I know that I can make 3.50% on 36-CD, but I kinda like the short term offered at Grow.


That’s actually an amazing deal. Could point us to this rate on their site, because I cannot find it.

I did not search the Grow website. But I did poke around over on Ken’s website on his Grow page. I was not able to find mention of the rates there.

Sorry folks… I saw this last night but, like you, I can no longer find this rate listed.
Am I going crazy or what!

I have a couple options for new funds I now have now available.

Service CU 18-mo CD 3%, USAlliance CU 18-mo CD 3%, Veridian CU 18-mo CD 3%.
But, the winner (for me) Navy FCU 17-mo CD 3.25% Max $50k

The first 3 options have unlimited max $'s, which would be nice, but with Navy I can open 2 accounts. (self & spouse) to gain more $$'s in the end.

I know there are a few other options, but would need to go 3 or 4 year CD’s, to offer higher % rates.

First National Bank of America (FNBA) is offering high yielding certificates of deposit. You need at least $1000 to get going with them. However be careful and aware, the terms are VERY long.

FNBA CD rate page

I’m not saying the long terms are a bad thing. Guess some folks see them as good. Only cautioning you to be aware.

Guys this is a comment only . . . . not a new deal.

I post deals here from time to time, when I see 'em elsewhere, both CD deals here and liquid funds deals over on the liquid funds thread. This comment applies to both categories of such deals:

I’m really starting to wonder what is going on over on Ken’s website. It even seems possible Ken might be gone or at best working part time. There are deals I’m posting here that are not appearing over there on Ken’s blog . . . . . . if it still is Ken’s! Whoever is substituting for Ken, if that’s what is happening, is not doing a very good job.

Anyone posting deals here, and surely myself included, is merely an amateur, an imposter, compared with Ken, who is legendary when it comes to ferreting out great deals . . . or at least he was.

I have relied for many years on Ken to find and post great deals. It appears the end of the gravy train sadly might be in sight. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Appreciate your post, Shinobi!

Maybe Ken’s corporate overlords reined him in…

NFCU 6-month 3%

Celebration Special Rate Certificate

We’re celebrating our members with a special rate on our 6-month certificate—but only for a limited time.

Special 6-Month Certificate 3.00% APY4 (Share/IRA/ESA)

  • Open with $1,000 or more
  • No limit on deposit amount

NFCU has a 3,25% CD for 17 months:


Open a new Special 17-Month Share certificate , and you’ll earn 3.25% APY on your money. That’s more than you’d make in a savings account!

  • Start with just $50
  • Earn guaranteed returns
  • Make additional deposits anytime for 17 months (up to $50,000)

Yes this is a good one!!
But, I already have one & one per-person, 17 mo CD is all that is allowed.

[This should have gone into the liquid rate thread but oh well…]

I recently spoke with A banking officer @ Northpointe Bank who offered me 2.5% with a rate lock of 12 months. Since both EBSB and Northern’s lock expires in June I figured I’d ask him if the offer still applied and also if he minded me passing it on to a few others

Here is his response. Hope some find it of use. It will require 25K+ but that’s a nice long guarantee. Please do not post this in a general forum/blog like since I don’t think he plans such a WIDE invitation.

Hi Rudi,

Thank you for your email! I would be happy to still offer the 2.50% APY guaranteed for 12 months to you. In fact, I have already applied the new rate to your account. Please allow an overnight update for the rate to be viewable within online banking. You will need a minimum deposit of $25,000 to earn 2.50% APY.

I would also be happy to extend this offer to personal accounts that you refer! Feel free to direct any potential new customers to our dedicated webpage: where they can see the fine print and apply for a new account, or to me directly to assist in answering any questions. In order to receive the bump up to 2.50% APY please have those customers reach out to me when the account has been established to have the 2.50% applied to their accounts.

If you have any questions or if I can assist you from here please let me know.

Nate Proctor

Banking Office Manager

P: 616-974-8463 | F: 616-726-2563