Change "discourse" pic at top left to "fragiledeal"!?!?!?!

Change "discourse" pic at top left to "fragiledeal"!?!?!?!


Clicking the icon takes you to the home page, but it isn’t obvious to all users. can you change the picture?

Thanks! And thanks for a new home (one of several…)

Suggestions and feedback

Welcome, old friend.


Dude where have you been? I don’t remember seeing you post much recently at FWF.


Got busy with life. Had an unplanned career change in 2015 (laid off), and decided to go back to school, almost full time. So very involved with that, plus volunteering with helping Veterans assimilate into civilian life and school.

See you around the forum(s)!




Just kidding! wassup?


That’s noble work Technologist. Good for you!


Welcome all, I too am from FWF, and glad to see others joining here!


Nice! What degree did you go back for?


The “discourse” logo is hardly visible if you are using the dark theme.


Yeah, the imaged needs to be swapped with a logo…


Not the first time I heard that “noble”, and it takes getting used to. but I accept it now and am happy to be of service, again! Thanks for the kind words, and remember, HELP (or THANK) a vet!


Homeland Security Management, concentrating on Intelligence analytics…

Jokingly I say throwing out the illegals, by tracking their Western Union payment back home… :slight_smile:


I’m half native… you folks are the illegals.:blush:


I admit my family IMMIGRATED… Still chasing the illegals <<resuming search of Crazytree’s history, abandoned on FW many years ago>>



I’m half everything … still can’t get a deal on anything from tuition to cemetery plots. I need a sadder story. :frowning: