Cheap lenders to refi with

Cheap lenders to refi with


Yeah I think it depends on where the company is. I always go with the lowest apr I can find from a reasonable company.

I “made the CashCall” when they first started getting into the mortgage business to diversify from their 99% APR payday loans. I think they were trying to aggressively price because at the time their pricing was beating the pants off of everyone else. Now they are not so competitive.

Box is interesting because again, at the time back in 2013, they seemed to be targeting the cream of the crop and offering aggressive pricing for high credit score borrowers. No FHA loans, etc. They’ve since made the box “bigger” and as a result, their pricing seems to have changed for the worse.

Provident is always competitive, and is usually the lender behind many of the quotes on Zillow and Bankrate, but their loan processing is definitely more onerous than others. They don’t logically connect things together - i.e. if you shuffle money around various accounts, they want written explanations for each one even if you’ve already provided bank statements explicitly demonstrating where the money came from and where the money went. They freaked out when our mailing address was different than the address on our existing loan (USPS made 911 address adjustments) and it took three rounds of explanations to satisfy them.

I think Better is still in startup mode and has cash to throw around at people, hence why their rates and terms are actually lower than Provident’s. Thus far, I have been impressed with their speed, 49 underwriting conditions have been marked as “done” with only 2 outstanding (insurance validation and the appraisal).