Congrats to FragileDeal for winning the FWF Poll!

Congrats to FragileDeal for winning the FWF Poll!


LOL. I think you meant PhatWalletforums, while he meant PassWird.


Unclear I guess. Doesn’t sound like anyone is merging with FWF at this point though! if you want to discuss more collaboration further, please feel free to PM me.


I see no need for a consensus. Both sites can coexist peacefully, and users can post wherever they want. I suspect finance will gravitate towards here and deal people to the other site.


The Venn diagram of HD and FWF posters has a little overlap but it doesn’t seem like much based on the names I see posting in either forum on FW. Speaking only for myself, I moved on to SD for their HD forum a long time ago so where the FW HD folks go is irrelevant to me.

I registered on both new sites to keep an eye on the finance forums and I imagine lots of people did so just looking at total user count is probably not a valid metric of popularity. You’d have to look at activity like # of posts/replies per week in each subforum to get a better idea. I’ve informally chosen this site’s finance forum since it seems like the post quality is higher but I’ll still read the other one.


There are many of us willing to financially contribute to the maintenance costs of this quality site. Consistent level headed and informed posting is hard to find at other sites.


Reminds me of the competition between FwF and SD many years ago.