Consolidated tire thread - Best place to buy tires?

Consolidated tire thread - Best place to buy tires?


I’m a big fan of Costco tires and service. A couple years ago one of my tires had a flat puncture in the same exact place twice (I know what are the odds). They can’t re-patch a patch so the tire being under warranty, my mechanic suggested I take it back to Costco. My tires had just been upgraded to a newer better model and they were no longer carried in store. They upgraded all 4 of my tires with brand new ones minus with a slight cost differential to pro-rate the year that I used them. Think it was about~$45 out of pocket to replace all 4 tires with a better model of tire. I support companies that stand by their products and service.


Bumping this for Black Friday. Any particularly good deals this time around? Pep Boys’s BF ad has a B2G2 offer that some people have said is a good deal. Unfortunately, the nearest Pep Boys is an hour away and none of those tires are made in the size my car takes.
eBay has a 15% off coupon valid on 11/21, but it excludes the Motors category this time around.


Fyi Citi added tires to the exception list for price rewind earlier this year