Coping with "Medicare for all"

Coping with "Medicare for all"


That is a surprise to me. 1 in 5 people in CA or in the USA? Either way, that’s a very high #.


1 in 5 in the USA

1 in 4 Californians


Within hours of assuming office on Monday, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a defiant challenge to the Trump administration with sweeping plans to expand health coverage to more Californians, pushing for a single-payer system and insurance for undocumented young adult immigrants.

U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., who is working with Newsom, said Congress needs to pass a bill that gives states permission to create their own healthcare programs and still receive federal funding.

The last part won’t happen under the current Congress but very well could if the Democrats take complete control in 2021. It’s scary since it calls for the Feds to give Medicare funding directly to the states and to take it away from individuals.


It should be a Republican ideal right? Letting states decide what they want to do instead of the federal government.


While I, as a Republican, support federalism I also support individual freedom. I think Medicare and Social Security are unconstitutional but if the law exists it should be followed. Medicare and Social Security law creates individual accounts with benefits to each individual taxpayer forced to participate.

If the Democrats want to rewrite the law saying that benefits go the the taxpayer’s state of residence they should do so. But people like me who paid into individual accounts should, under the last clause of the Fifth amendment, be able to get the benefits for our accounts as when we paid into them.


You didn’t pay into any account, you paid a tax that is used to operate a welfare program.

When social security constitutionality was being challenged, the Federal Government took the position that social security was not an insurance program, that it is simply a tax, and that it has no relationship to any benefits being paid. The government does not have the authority to run insurance programs or hold accounts for individuals. The 1960 Flemming v. Nestor decision reaffirmed that paying the tax creates no entitlement to benefits.


A republican ideal would be getting the federal government out of healthcare and let states compete. If they want to tax their citizens and run socialist medicine then let them do so. It doesn’t make any sense for the federal government to forcibly tax everyone and then hand the money over to states, essentially forcing their hand to intervene.