Different Forum Software

Different Forum Software


I’ve changed default functionality. The first post will no longer automatically be a wiki, but existing first posts will.

Moving forward second post will automatically be a wiki in all categories.

ETA: I can also go ahead an hijack the second post in already-created threads for uniformity purposes. It’s not the cleanest solution, but I can simply combine the second and third post so that the content lives on.


something weird going on this morning. I thought I was banned since I can’t find the reply button until I closed the tab, reopened it, then had to log in.

There was also a message on top that says:

Congratulations, you installed Discourse! Unfortunately, no administrator emails were defined during setup, so finalizing the configuration may be difficult.


The plugin update may have broken something :slight_smile:

We’ll keep chugging along over the next couple days.


I often use dans deals forum.