Free consumer Reports - Experian Equifax Transunion Early Warning etc

Free consumer Reports - Experian Equifax Transunion Early Warning etc


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The link I provided explicitly says “You don’t have to be our customer”. Once you proceed to get your score, it labels it “Your FICO® Score 8 based on TransUnion® data”


I find Credit Karma to be excellent at showing the credit reports from Trans Union and Equifax with appropriately updated info.

A Vantage score is no more “out of whack” than a FICO score is “out of whack.” It is what it is – and some lenders use it.

FICO has introduced the FICO XD as a competitor which does the same things as the Vantage score, so the “real” FICO score you receive may be the same as the Vantage score.


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“FAKO” refers to nearly any score which is not a FICO score, most often used to refer to the Vantage score.

As for “their FAKO,” the Vantage score was created by the credit bureaus, not by Credit Karma.

Credit Karma reports what they get from the credit bureaus. It works great for me.


If you can’t remember what you’ve posted, just scroll back. I told you that Credit Karma uses Vantage 3.0 and you even quoted that. Vantage isn’t FICO, that is true. But it is a similar scoring model that was created by the credit bureaus themselves.

You’ve stated your opinion that you don’t find Credit Karma useful, and that’s fine. At least two of us in this thread stated our opinions that we find it useful. As I’ve said, I use it to get visibility into the EQ and TU reports on a weekly basis, and the accuracy of it is easy to check, which I also do. I couldn’t care less that the Vantage score says 823 when FICO Score 8 says 817.


Have you tried to figure out what’s special about the accounts that do not appear on CK? Perhaps they’re missing one of the fields, or some data in one of the fields has non-alphanumeric characters, or maybe an out-of-range date. Did you ever try to submit a bug report to CK?


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I am not questioning your personal experience. I am replying because some of your statements may be misinforming others. As I pointed out, FAKO refers to credit scores other than FICO and you have repeatedly used that term to refer to Credit Karma and claim it’s “out of whack.” The score they provide was created by the credit bureaus, not Credit Karma, and the credit report they provide is from the credit bureaus. I understand you believe some of your reports are incorrect; that may be a glitch in Credit Karma’s system or, more likely, in the info they are getting from the credit bureaus.

Some years ago one of my credit cards wasn’t reporting to two of the credit bureaus. This was solely the responsibility of the credit card company.


FICO and Vantage are scoring models for credit. So were you not talking about credit scores in your first comment? Credit reports don’t come from FICO.


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I’m only on this forum discussing Credit Karma. I don’t buy an argumentum ad populum.

Credit Karma has worked fine for me. The credit report information has always been accurate. When the score moves up and down I know other scores also move up and down. The biggest difference between my Vantage scores reported on CK and FICO scores has been about 30 points, but one would expect different numbers because they are different scores.

Unlike most credit reports, CK shows you why the score moved up or down from week to week.


Anyone ever check their Innovis report? I got mine recently for the first time - it’s missing Amex, BofA, and Citi credit card accounts. Not very useful :slight_smile: