Free Papa John's Large 2-Topping Pizza *Expires 11/12/17*

Free Papa John's Large 2-Topping Pizza *Expires 11/12/17*


EDIT: I’m all out of free pizzas. If you want a code for 10 free bonus points I still have plenty of those. If you would like one of those (again, expires 11/12/17) reply indicating that is what you want and I’ll be happy to send one.

It’s that time of the quarter again: Time for free pizza!

Just like last time, I don’t have a ton of codes, but let’s say the first five to reply to this thread asking for the free pizza will get them. Also, let’s say that your join date must be before 11/5 for good measure. :slight_smile:

Way it works is you log into your PJ account (or create a new one), enter two separate coupon codes (each will give you 10 reward points) and then you use the code PAPA20 to apply those 20 reward points to a free large 2-topping pizza. If you’ve used any other codes in the last week that award bonus points to your PJ account then you’ll have to create a new PJ account to redeem these codes to (there is a limit of one per account on both of these codes).

Note that the pizza is only truly free if you pick it up. You can have them deliver it too, but then you’d have to pay for delivery fee + tip. Also, this involves combining two different coupon codes and I have an abundance of one type of code and a shortage of the other. If the free pizzas are already spoken for and you wouldn’t mind a free side item (most locations requires a $3.99 order minimum to go with it) let me know and I can pass along a code for that instead.

Also, I’m going to be busier this week so unlike last time where I spoiled everyone with nearly instant fulfillment it might take a few hours to a day to get your codes.


I’m always up for a free pizza. :wink: Thanks NotRonJeremy.


I could use one too. Thanks for the giveaway NotRonJeremy.


PMs sent


@NotRonJeremy I would love a code!




I would like a code please. Thanks in advance!


Hi NotRonJeremy, I’d like a code if you still have one. Thanks!


Thanks NotRonJeremy.

If you have any codes for the free side item, that’d be appreciated.


PMs sent to all.

I’m out of one type of code so (as explained in OP) no more free pizzas, but I’ve still got over 20 codes left for free side items (really for 10 free reward points that you can then redeem for a free side item). At some locations (but not most) you can redeem for a free side item with no additional purchase, but at most locations you’ll be required to make a ~$3.99 purchase for the order to go through (meaning you’d have to order more than just the free item). So if you’re already planning on ordering pizza from them it’s a nice bonus, but otherwise might not be as exciting.
Reply to the thread if you require one of this type of code.


I would love one! Thanks for sharing!


To clarify, you want the free side item code?
Just want to make sure since I’m out of pizza codes.


@NotRonJeremy thank you!


Got the code. Thank you!


If you still have any code left… one code for me please. Thanks in advance !!


To clarify, you want the free side item code?
Just want to make sure since I’m out of pizza codes.


oops… sorry didn’t read the previous messages closely. No thats ok - I was looking for pizza codes. thanks anyway !!


a code for free pizza or side item please. Thanks in advance!


PM sent.


1 more plz?