Getting unordered Amazon items

Getting unordered Amazon items


Yes I imagined that was at least part of the reason. The other is that they trust their algorithm and current process more than voluntary reporting. But the bottom line for people like me receiving stuff is that you’re absolutely wasting your time trying to alert Amazon about it.

So, knowing the Amazon system, the best thing to do is to return the “gifts” as that’s a potential flag. If you keep the “gifts”, nothing alerts Amazon than anything illegal is going on.

Plus, when you return the item for Amazon credit, the company that purchased the fake reviews, essentially ends up paying full price of their product per review instead of just the manufacturing cost if you keep the item. And you effectively get something you actually want rather than just the random junk they send you.

So you returning the item costs them more than if you keep it, gets you Amazon stuff you were gonna buy anyway, and could potentially get them flagged and suspended. Win-win-win as far as I’m involved.