Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) - Triple Tax Free Retirement Savings

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) - Triple Tax Free Retirement Savings


IIRC, no, since you were not covered by an eligible plan in 2017. … But IANAL nor an accountant, nor much of any other profession.

Of course, give me a cocktail and I become such an expert that I can talk the ears off of a wooden Indian. :smile:


I just got an email from my HSA administrator. Looks like the IRS dropped the limit by $50 for the family contribution in 2018.

Here is the email I received:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced on March 5, 2018 a decrease in maximum Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions.

Effective for calendar year 2018, the family contribution limit for HSAs has been reduced from $6,900 to $6,850. This change applies immediately. Any family contribution to an HSA in 2018 over the max could be subject to taxes and penalties. The individual contribution limit for 2018 will remain at $3,450.

The IRS officially announced these changes when it published Internal Revenue Bulletin (IRB) 2018-10 (, which contains Revenue Procedure (Rev. Proc.) 2018-18. This change is a result of a provision in H.R. 1 (“Tax Reform”) that changed the way inflation-related increases are calculated.

Be sure to make any necessary changes to your annual election.


I am going for physical therapy evaluation for back pain. With insurance, they gave me $450 estimate. With cash option, they gave me $50 estimate. I asked them to few times about $50 cash option. It is accurate. I have close to $2700 deductible with high deductible insurance plan. I end up paying everything if I go with insurance. Without insurance it is only $50. Wondering if i can still use HSA account to pay for this? I am thinking about going with cash option. If I end up with hitting deductible down the line this year, it is going to lost for me.



Yes for sure, just have an itemized receipt. A medical expense does not have to processed thru your insurance to qualify as an HSA qualified expense. You might even be able to submit that receipt if it is detailed enough to your insurance company for processing and application to your deductible (Normally its a real pain but its fun to learn.)


Thanks for the information.


…and now they’ve changed it back to $6900 for family contributions for 2018. :confounded:

IRS Announces Second Switcheroo For 2018 Health Savings Account Contribution Limits


Wow. A lot to do about $50 dollars.


I’ve had a HDHP+HSA for many years through my employer. I’ve already made my full $6900 2018 contribution. Surprisingly, I just found out they are going to cover my entire premium for my family to be on a non-hdhp plan starting Aug 1st.

This is where the pro-rated contributions come into play, right? I’ll have 7 months of eligible HDHP, and 5 months of non-eligible plan, so my max contribution for 2018 would be $4,025. I’ll have to submit a request to my HSA provider to return 2,875+earnings as an over-contribution.

Am I missing anything?


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Yes if indeed you are going to a non-hdhp you must prorate.


I had a HDHP + HSA with my former employer. I started a new job and my new employer doesn’t offer HDHP + HSA. My HSA has about $1000 in cash and $21k in investments. I’m getting charged $4/mo fee now. Since I can’t make any contributions (I don’t have HDHP anymore), do I basically have to sell some funds every once in a while in order to pay the $4/mo fee?

Can I rollover my HSA funds to a different bank? I called a few (HSA Bank, Adirondack, LMCU) and they all said I’m not eligible to open an HSA with them because I don’t have a HDHP. Does that mean my HSA is stuck at my former employer’s bank?


I’ve heard of banks allowing you to pay HSA fees with non-HSA funds. I’ve never bothered getting this set up with the $2/month fee i get charged by Adirondack trust. It’s petty much a rounding error.


still debating whether to do a HSA/ HDHP. My wife has a $100 deductible plan at work and we use a decent amount of coverage since we have 2 kids …


If you have enough income to pay for health care out of pocket and fully fund your hsa, the hdhp with hsa is an additional retirement savings investment vehicle.


Thank you Fidelity for offering a free individual HSA account! This will save the annual fee and the quarterly fees charged by my previous HSA administrator provider and allow by health savings to grow. I will be using Fidelity to roll my employers hsa administrator funds into annually to prevent loss of principal.


Check out your local Credit Unions many offer no fee HSA’s


I invest my HSA. This is why Fidelity is a great deal!


Thanks for the info. I’ve been with Lively and I’ve been happy with them, but I have my 401k at Fidelity so I will open my new HSA at Fidelity and transfer my Lively account to Fidelity. Fewer brokerages make life easier.


I am with my company sponsored HSA plan. Can i open a/c with some other institute? I have kids with my plan. Spouse has her own medical plan. Is it possible to open her own HSA plan?


Similar to an ira you can have multiple accounts and they are all linked to a specific ssn. You can rollover funds from an expensive employer sponsored plan to a low cost fidelity plan. I plan on doing just that this year with my spouses plan so the fees on that plan stay low. Only 1 rollover per year is allowed.