I-Bonds Discussion Thread (continuation of the FW thread)

I-Bonds Discussion Thread (continuation of the FW thread)

what about the fixed rate? With 2+% on money markets, there has to be a decent fixed rate soon, right?

Tipswatch is predicting an increase in the fixed rate portion based on recent 5- and 10-year TIPS yielding.

See detail

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I-Bond’s fixed rate rises to 0.50%


Can’t find some of my paper bonds and they need to know the month I bought them… I know I bought them during the last hurrah on FWF when we could get CC points and high interest, right before interest rates crashed.

Why Can’t they look up via just SS #?

Any updates here?

The new rate is coming up. What should we expect based on CPI numbers ?

Final March CPI will be released on Wed April 10 at 830am, then you might know something.

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From Deposit Accounts: https://www.depositaccounts.com/blog/inflation-treasury-series-i-savings-bonds/

I will be backing up the truck to buy at this 0.50% rate. It is a fair rate and I may look at liquidating some of the 0% fixed rate I Bonds I bought five or more years ago once they roll into the next, lower earning period and turning them into muni bonds.

What do you need a truck for? 10K worth of dollar coins? :wink:

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I wouldn’t sell it. If inflation picks up in the next few years, you i-bond will grow handsomely.

My fixed income allocation - which basically are the I Bonds and the portion in the balanced fund in my 457 - is starting to get too high though. I’ll probably keep it for now but the 0% fixed rate is not appealing.

Hey government, it is time to announce!

Fixed rate 0.5%

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It is disappointing but expected. For the next 6 month my Ally will do better =)