Individual Stock Discussions

Individual Stock Discussions


So is this a buy the dip or wait for a bigger dip?


Ooohhh boy here comes an apple dip


Much more importantly, it’s the fifth most important cereal crop on the planet.



For every job gained in steel manufacturing, there will be 8 to 12 lost in the steel finishing industry. Dumber than dirt.


You’re looking at the wrong end. That represents over 80% of U.S. production.

Too late in the growing season. Monies already spent. Contracts already signed.

Except China has been talking about that for years, and even this weeks pronouncement would not take effect for FIVE years, assuming they ever follow through.


Waiting on the facebook earnings tonight.


Bought some call options on AMZN. but market seems to be looking for an excuse to sell rather than buy more. So will need to take a caution. But TWTR may be worth picking up if it goes down tomorrow.


AAPL ER predictions? Picked up 2x May 4 162.50 calls for 5.56.


I consider this a safe-ish trade:

Sell to Open 11 Contracts T Jul 20 2018 32 Puts Limit at $1.14


Wow! Amazon is up almost 7% AH. Cashing in my call options tomorrow!


If any upside, it will be short lived.


Saw the pop AH during the earnings call and though about your position. Congrats




After I sell AMZN calls, I am going to buy some WMT shares for a long term hold. Increasing Prime membership should help Walmart pick up some online business. Walmart has the advantage of allowing to order online and pickup same day at the local store.


Store pickup is a disadvantage in my book. Especially at walmart.


Walmart is a joke. Absolutely try to avoid that store at all cost


Looks like apple under $160 here shortly.


Why is it at disadvatange to have a store pickup? Sometimes, people don’t want to wait few days for a delivery or have package dropped off at the front door when nobody is at home.

  1. It’s Walmart you’d have to enter to get the item.
  2. most Walmarts have Online pickup at the back of the store.
  3. It’s Walmart.
  4. Time/money customer has to expend to go pick up the item.
  5. It’s Walmart.
  6. Walmart’s already dropped pricematching at some (all?) locations. They don’t even pricematch their own website pricing for in-store pickup. They lose money if their existing customers start using online pickup instead of just buying things in their stores directly.
  7. Walmart doesn’t have the “same day” logistics set up like Amazon does. You can order for same day pickup, but only items in stock at that specific location. And it’s still not guaranteed – you’ll get a cancellation 5+ hours after the order if they don’t want to look for the item or if their stock numbers were out of date. Then you’re pushed to the next day if you re-order from another store…
  8. Did I mention you have to enter a Walmart store to pick up an item ordered from Walmart with in-store pickup?


Yes. Although, Amzn is down 4% since open today. MSFT is down 3% since open. AAPL is down 1.5%. Seems to be doing OK relative to peers, at least during regular trading hours today.

Yes, amzn and msft were way up AH from ERs. (So it’s not exactly a “fair” comparison)


I have seen the special pickup parking spaces at Walmart, but have never used them. Can you pickup an order and not leave your car or is that just for groceries?