Individual Stock Discussions

Individual Stock Discussions


CHEVRON V.P during today’s conference call:

We’re not designing our business on these kinds of prices. We’re driving our business for a lower for longer assumption

Falling crude ?


Hopefully I don’t regret not chickening out. Still holding. Worth $8 each at 3:59 EST.

Edit: looks like I may not be disappointed.


I wonder whatever happened to rgthree


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I wonder whatever happened to rgthree

Cleveland? :clown_face:


Sold 1 @ $14.50. order triggered 11 seconds before close. 1 left to sell tomorrow.


1)You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your package or wait all day for a package to be delivered. I rather swing by a local Walmart than take a risk UPS leaving by my front door.
2) You don’t have to worry a product being a considered as a hazardous material and can’t be returned. I ordered a bicycle tire stem valve from Amazon, but Amazon wouldn’t allow a return because it was considered as a hazardous material.
3) If your Walmart order got processed for store pick up, then rain check will be given if there was a mistake on inventory. Amazon will simply send you a sorry email and cancel your order,

If Walmart improves on same day pickup service by allowing a curbside pickup, I bet many customers won’t mind using that service.


Very nice. I picked some AAPL call options around $163 end of last week and waiting to sell around $179.


Out at $17.00.
$3150-$1114cost = $2036. I did lose ~$350 a couple weeks ago on a similar option, so $1700 profit. Not bad. 3.5% added to my IRA.

Now I’m down to just long 1078 shares.


wonder why it took buffett this long to pump apple?


Guess I left some $$$ on the table selling early morning.

Still doing poor overall YTD. YTD returns 1/3 of the year through:.
IRA: +19.1%
Taxable: -16.5%
403: -0.8%.


Buffett could have been pumping apple years ago. Printing cash forever and he chose 2017 wtf


I sold my AAPL call options today around $183. Now holding cash for next weeks trade


Around 197.25 puts AAPL at a $1T market cap, right?


Not sure…but AAPL needs more juice to reach it. Not going to happen with current earnings and pump from Warren Buffett. Need a killer product that is going to blow away Samsung Galaxy S line. But I don’t see it coming anything soon. I rather put my money on Amazon rather than Apple.


I’ve just been selling out of the money monthly puts on it. Not exactly a bet that it will go up, just that it won’t go down too drastically. Netted me $600 in the last two months, assuming we stay above $155 through May 18th.


Around there. I dunno if there’s a lag time for # shares outstanding to account for buybacks. (If so, the market cap might be slightly lower?).

It’s only 7% away, doesn’t seem that unlikely. Last quarter had a 30% YoY profit increase. If you extrapolate that a few months, keeping everything else equal (P/E, etc), it would be there in about 3 months.


I would be nice to see Apple to reach it soon. But I still think Apple needs a better product than iPhone X for current customers to keep upgrading to new phones.


BTW, I switched from iPhone 8 to Samsung S9. Glad I switched to S9. Better technology and screen. So will need better technology in iPhone for me to switch back to next generation iPhone.


$203/share for $1 Trillion …it’s possible if Warren Buffett can pump it up on May 5th.


TSLA - this short fund manager has a pretty convincing rundown on all the Tesla business and finance problems.

Basically, the whole car industry has jumped on the EV train with real prototypes and full scale production facilities so they will be rolling out all sorts of EVs in 2 years or something. Plus because they came later, they have benefits from using more recent battery tech, whereas Tesla had to make those choices years ago and got locked in on their tech specs and suppliers.

that last earnings call where Musk refused to answer the questions about the business details like cash requirements or car reservations was crazy. I hear the last Enron call was like that, where they refused fo answer questions that would uncover the real problems.

From all this, I think TSLA a pretty good short as non-time-specific shorts go, and I certainly wouldn’t be long. Still short a little.

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