Individual Stock Discussions

Individual Stock Discussions


Bought a December TSLA put option today, 300 strike. $3400 gamble.


With FB marketplace for used stuff, and amazon having basically all the same new offerings as eBay, I just don’t see the competitive advantage that eBay has compared to a few years ago.


Shorted a bit more TSLA in the mid $290s. Seems like their finances need a miracle and Musk seems increasingly unstable. Would you give that guy $5B to make it through next year?


It was Musk’s constant, seemingly increasingly emotional responses to criticisms last week that caused me to buy the put. Mostly I stay away from options, especially this stock with all of the time value / volatility. But I guess I felt like gambling with $3500.

Now trying to determine exit point. Up about $1k, very tempted to take profits before the earnings call. Then again, after listening to last quarter’s call, I don’t know that the conference call could ever make the stock go up.


I know this varies broker to broker, but approximately what do you pay to hold stock short? I have no experience with an actual short trade, though I am plenty familiar with the concept.


TSLA stock is “easy to borrow”, a technical term in short selling. You will pay somewhere between nothing and 2% annualized interest on the daily value of your short, depending on your broker.

Speaking of Musk’s latest actions, he’s been calling up short-bias analyst’s employers and threatening them with unspecified lawsuits. You’d think it’d be better to run the company well so they would become long-bias analysts, but I guess if he can’t do that, he can try to silence his critics.


I held 113 shares of TSLA with a cost basis around 180/sh. Sold 29 shares last month @ 357. Still holding the other 84. Beward of the ‘analysts’ on SA, many have ulterior motives. It’s one thing to write and post a short analysis, quite a different thing to try to do it anonymously.


Sold my December TSLA put today, ~$1300 gain. I sold it a little early in the day it seems, and gave up another $200 or so in gains, but I am happy to get the profit I got.

I still think this thing could go either way with earnings, but long term trend will be down over the next year.


Took half my earnings today and bought some cheap way out of the money TSLA puts that expire this week. A moon shot, but figure it’s worth a gamble.


How far out of the money are you talking about futureteslaowner?


250 strike


Thought that was what you were going to say. Nice sounding number. Stranger things have happened. GL.


Feels like burning money, but we will see. I decided that if somehow it crashes after earnings, I wouldn’t be happy not having taken a shot.


No Apple ER predictions yet? China trade risk and guidance vs sales/earnings?


I am long ~250 shares of AAPL…wasn’t interested in any options around their earnings this time around. I feel like I have plenty of exposure already.


$1T tomorrow?

I would have sold short some $190 puts before ER if I had more cash around. F has been killing me. As if the steel/alum tariffs and the trade stuff wasn’t enough, then there was the parts supplier fire too.


I’ve been selling 1-2 oom aapl puts every month for the last few months. Right now short one 185, so that’s looking pretty good.


Bought a December TSLA put at 275, and a Friday put @ 300 strike. All in on red!


TSLA +4% AH after earnings release


Yep…cash burn rate was lower than expected, which seems to be the good news. Bummer.