Individual Stock Discussions

Individual Stock Discussions


Surfboard sales up q/q.


+10% in AH for TSLA, maybe because Musk didn’t say anything crazy.


Nice prediction


Wow I was off by two days! Or spot on since it was “about” three months.

YoY is only up 16% eps. Looks like Apple’s a little more expensive now since that was “same price at 30% growth”


Fun to watch TSLA today… what a circus. Just halted.



I wonder if the SEC lawyers will call him to task on this one. I don’t think the CEO gets a free pass about “joking” about taking the company private. If he’s serious, I look forward to his disclosure on the funding he says he’s secured. If he’s not, I look forward to the market manipulation charges.


He just tweeted again about it:

Shareholders could either to sell at 420 or hold shares & go private

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 7, 2018


TSLA stock halted. Probably won’t be able to trade again until he makes the appropriate PR or disclosures about that tweet/offer.

Edit: resuming at 3:45 today.


TSLA coverage


Here’s a good one from the BBC:


TSLA took some profits around $355 on the shares I sold into the buyout madness, er enthusiasm. Still holding my (underwater) shorts from previously.


I wish Elon would spend more effort making the company profitable and less on bizarre financing strategies.


NYU finance prof crunches the numbers of TSLA and goes through various scenarios regarding their going private. (also see his prior linked articles at bottom)


Sounds like it’s primarily the Saudi Wealth Fund backing this.


Or maybe not. Who knows?


Reality Show is a good description of the Tesla saga. I have some very smart folks around me all going gaga over it but I can’t find a scenario for their success long term.

… yup, who knows. I been wrong before


TSLA here come the SEC supoenas. down to the $330s today.

Time for the board to start worrying about their director’s liability insurance and throw Musk under the bus. I’m hearing he’s going to “take some time off”.

This probably isn’t good news either.


This site is obviously in its death throws. What other site do you all post at?


Reddit, bogleheads


Maybe try :smirk: