Individual Stock Discussions

Individual Stock Discussions


Yes, unfortunately. :). I should have sold my stock and bought short and long options to match my “accurate” prediction, right? Then I’d be up $$$ instead of down $$$


Looks like $170 range.

What’s next - $132 > $110 > $87


Yes. To PE of 5? Or why not market cap below cash on hand?


Time to add more right?


The next employment # will be big. IMO. The trend seems clear not vs 30 days ago. Down down…

funny that I read about using birth rate as a leading economy indicator, it’s trending downward recently.


didn’t see that coming, the arrest of Huiwei’s CFO. Now we are on to uncharted water.

This is interesting times, get the popcorn ready.




How much is your position down from the highs?


My AAPL has(had) an average cost basis of $100, though. And it’s the second time I’ve owned AAPL. About $90k from the high.

I should have took a week off work and changed some stuff last month. AAPL holding up masked the downs in other stocks. I knew I was OK through a 30%+ drop but F is down >38% and now AAPL off 36% from high.

I’ve mostly kicked the can 2 years down the road now (like I should have when the trade thing first popped up). No more watching over my shoulder till then.


Stocks are on sale!! Amazing buying opportunities are emerging.

But which names to buy?


More like the first week of a “store closing sale”, where they double the MSRP on the sticker, then advertise a 10-30% discount.


2018 full year total returns, rounded to nearest 1%:

QQQ -0% tech stocks
BND -0% bonds
GLD -2% gold
JNK -3% junk bonds
SPY -5% large caps
IWM -11% smallcaps
EFA -14% foreign stocks (developed)
EEM -15% foreign stocks (emerging markets)
BTC -72% bitcoin

It was a tough end to 2018 for almost every sector, as you can see by comparing the YTD returns between Q3 (quoted) and Q4 above - stocks esp gave up around 20%. I’m glad to have basically broken even for Q4 and done decently before that. Here’s to a better 2019!


PCG now “exploring bankruptcy”. Their shareholders should be exploring better investments, as this one just lost another 20-30%.


PCG Chapter 11, -50% more. Hope everyone was out (or short!).


Feeling good about selling some of my F a week and a half ago… perfect timing.

Up ~5% erry day since.

*Meh. Had too much. Now I can say I sold something at the bottom.


PCG you were warned. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Not very exciting. At least AAPL slowly shuffling in the right direction. New 2019 high. They met their lowered estimate.

I did spend a paycheck on buying a Jun '21 $170 call for $2030 earlier today.


Stocks are rallying big time! Congrats to you folks who are in the market. I’m happy for you.:grinning:


Maybe we should have a play by play caller for the stock market.


I’m now up 50% from low but still down 50% from Jan 2018. Ouch.

If the “bottom” from last month holds, my account probably would have survived keeping everything the same last month (and be 20% higher today) instead of some changes I made, but just barely.