Is Costco membership worth it?

Is Costco membership worth it?

Uh, ,what? Is Walmart now safer than Costco?!

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To add fuel, within 30 minutes of calling in an order to Costco yesterday, I got an email asking about a suspicious charge. It was an invalid charge at a Kroger, 200 miles away, for $150. I can’t prove it was directly related to the Costco purchase, but the only other use in the last week was funding a CD last week.

That’s interesting. If it’s a Kroger than that usually means a physical card, isn’t it? I do know that Kroger do delivery now though…

Now that you mention it, I had to check. Since we no longer have access to a Kroger, I checked their website. Lo and behold, it appears that you can buy gift cards online, and get 4x fuel points. Progress, or something masquerading as progress, marches on.