Is shopping at Aldi worth it?

Is shopping at Aldi worth it?


Not really a secret to anyone, private label is often made by the same places that do the name brand stuff with the same quality. Tons of retailers do this.

We have been going to Aldi for many years here in the ATL, and recently Lidl just opened here. We like both stores for staples and fresh food deals but I prefer Kroger for most stuff simply because the combo of sales and digital/printed coupons for name-brand stuff is often better than what you can get at the discounters for private label. Kroger regularly gives me some really good coupons on their own brand too.


One of their private labels I’ve bought is their Benton’s cookies. Those are so obviously knock-off Samoas or Thin Mints. The packaging looks just like Keebler’s version but that brand is only found at Aldi. As long as they keep those in stock year-round for $1-1.5, I’m fine with whatever name they want to call them. :slight_smile:


They have knockoff Tagalongs too, which are the best girl scout cookie. Worth going for these alone.