It was not Bill Clinton

It was not Bill Clinton


Hagiographers? Hardly.

Let me try to help you out here. I’m offering you a bit of perspective for free:

Consider the following line of states: NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA

Holding those states in your mind, now throw in all states to the east of that line of states, the six New England states. I will not name them individually; suspect you already know what they are. OK, that’s eleven states or in excess of 20% of the American states. Now, for good measure, also throw in DC.

In November of 2016, President Trump walloped Mrs. Clinton in the electoral college by roughly 306 to 232 electoral votes, setting aside unimportant votes of faithless electors.

Now ask yourself this key question:

Throughout the eleven aforementioned states, plus DC with three electoral votes BTW, in all those states, 20% of the American states, how many electoral votes did President Trump garner?

The answer is one, solitary, electoral vote. Just one. That is all.

People living in those eleven states will have an entirely different take. But my opinion is this exercise demonstrates conclusively how incredibly out of step those states are with other regions of the USA NOT included in the eleven.

And now for your bonus question:

Given Trump earned but a solitary electoral vote across all the eleven states aforementioned (plus DC), exactly where did that lonely vote come from?


God bless people living in Maine’s second congressional district hard alongside the Canadian border, the second most rural district in the entire USA!! Those folks, isolated as they are from like minded patriots, gave President Trump that one vote. I tip my cap to them.


I was referring to Reagan’s hagiographers - I’m not sure what your response has to do with that.


Completely OK. I realized in advance you might have difficulty making the connection.


Apparently you did also.