Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases


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Thanks, this led me to the right path to fix it.[/quote]

Excellent. So you got the 33% bonus on redeeming against a flight also, then?



My 5000 point bonus for the 1k in spending each month for July, August, & September promotion posted today, so if you got it too it should show up around your next statement end. Showed up under adjustments for me


Thanks for confirming, rlaw. Great stuff…I will look for the right occasion to try that.

No spend bonus for me, per usual. Not complaining though…I am just happy to have it. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to chime in that I also was able to redeem off an airline purchase made directly with the airline at 1.5 value per point (plus the 10% travel bonus). An incredible benefit addition.

I will look forward for the Q3 5k bonus showing up on the next statement.



Just worked for me too–on WOW Air, of all places, which doesn’t tend to give their best pricing through any venue other than their website. A huge benefit update indeed!

What airline worked for you, Rasheed? I’m wondering if it’s working with all airlines, or just selected ones.


It worked on an AA purchase for me (it was actually an ancillary fee, but AA ran it through its Sabre system and assigned a ticket number to the charge so it looked like a ticket purchase).

I can tell you it likely also works for Southwest Airlines based on what I can see on the transactions portal (even though I haven’t actually processed that specific redemption - trying to build up some more points).



Thanks Rasheed, interesting data point!

I’m about to try a United purchase. I wonder if the 3% redemption works if it’s booked through the PL portal as a retail flight? Not worth risking it for the paltry 1% in CB available, unless we know this gets the 3% also.


Also received the same redemption bonus. :slight_smile:


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Also received the same redemption bonus.[/quote]

Have an odd new data point and a question for other cardholders.

I did get the redemption bonus with a Norwegian Air ticket. However, I did NOT get the 10% travel bonus this time. I can’t figure out why… The one difference from the other redemptions was that it I did it using the android app, not windows.

I soon need to book flights with with Avianca Air. (SEA to San Salvador). Avianca doesn’t do online bookings, save though travel agencies. To book direct you need to phone in and pay it fee, it seems. I’m leary of whether or not this will get the bonus…it’s $3K in tickets, so I’d hate to do it and be wrong about it.

Anyone have any useful data points? TIA


I also did not get the 10% bonus on my 1.5x redemption via the website. I think that is likely something they did to avoid giving too much back. I accept it as this whole thing is still unadvertised.

In terms of Avianca, they have their own MCC like all major airlines. Shouldn’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t get charged via a third-party travel agency. Usually the way to book these is to make a booking to get a PNR and then go to the Avianca airport counter or city ticket office by the ticketing deadline to pay by card (and no fee usually I think).


Also, does the UA site book Avianca? That might be the way to go too if possible.

I have done the ticket office thing for carriers like EK a few years back.



Wanted to add that this card will get Android/Samsung Pay in early 2018. Apparently Barclaycard enabled all of their Mastercards (except Sears), but the Visa connection is still not ready yet.



Agreed on all counts. And I now have two PL NYOP bookings that behaved the same–no 10% bonus.

I wonder if standard 1.0x travel spend still enjoys the 10% redemption?


Thanks for the tips rasheed. I ended up booking the flight using the PL site, hoping that would most likely enable the rebate. We’ll see.

It was the oddest ticket I’ve booked in a long time, actually. I couldn’t get the price via the PL search engine, but I could via google flights, which then generated a link to PL. I thought this might block the portal CB, but that came through after re-clicking the portal. Will know in a couple days whether it worked or not.


Using PL to book Avencia did also redeem with the 50% point bonus.


I’ll be booking some tickets in a few days so I’ll add some more datapoints once I book.
Seems like this might change the effective cashback from 3.33 down to 3 which is a bit of a disappointment, but still the best non special category rate, and on the bright side having nonpl travel categorize as 50% bonus is convenient.

As always don’t sit on your points.


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Seems like this might change the effective cashback from 3.33 down to 3 which is a bit of a disappointment, but still the best non special category rate[/quote]

Since you earn points on the gross purchase of the travel also, the effective CB is 3 /.98 = 3.06 .


Interesting new data point.

Bought a United ticket with a $65 premier seating upgrade on united.com . Posted as two separate charges. Both earned the redemption bonus.


Alas, my new PL card showed up today…sans Shatner’s mug! It’s a sad day at Che Hanson. :wink:

In other more interesting PL Legacy news, the web site is still plugging the 10% travel redemption bonus, months after they stopped giving it. I might tactfully ask them to deliver what they are promising, if I weren’t concerned it would devalue this already exceptional card…


I’m definitely still getting the 10% bonus… My redemption earlier this week got it. It was a Priceline express deal hotel.


sullim4, this was with the legacy card?

Interesting…I did a NYOP rental car on 12/30/17 that did not get the bonus.