Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases


OK, statement posted.

Entire description is a single line item under “Points Details” towards the bottom of the statement. Labeled, “adjustments.”


Has anyone purchased Disney tickets from undercover tourist using this card?

TPG just asserted that UC Tourist tickets code as “travel” on barclays arrival. cards. Interesting to see what bonus, if any, they earn on this card.


Got a postal letter a few weeks ago – it was exactly for when the 10% travel rebate bonus didn’t post. Again, because I am getting 1.5 redemption rate on airfare, I did not ask for the 10%.


Just got the shared letter.


I purchased 3 Disney tickets early 2017 split between two Barclay Arrival cards that was coded as travel from a third party seller, arestravel.com. I used the Barclay points to rebate the transactions as a statement credit and believe I did get the 10% rebate on the points used. I was quite happy to have used this method. Saved me $943 on Disney tickets.

Barclay Arrival card is also currently offering it’s best ever 70k points signup bonus on $5k spend so now is an excellent time to apply for the card (can usually do this every 12 months after closing the previous card) and I just got approved for my new card last month. At the time I signed up it only offered 60k point bonus but a quick call and ask, Barclay confirmed they would match the new 70k offer.