Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

OK, statement posted.

Entire description is a single line item under “Points Details” towards the bottom of the statement. Labeled, “adjustments.”

Has anyone purchased Disney tickets from undercover tourist using this card?

TPG just asserted that UC Tourist tickets code as “travel” on barclays arrival. cards. Interesting to see what bonus, if any, they earn on this card.

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Got a postal letter a few weeks ago – it was exactly for when the 10% travel rebate bonus didn’t post. Again, because I am getting 1.5 redemption rate on airfare, I did not ask for the 10%.

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Just got the shared letter.

I purchased 3 Disney tickets early 2017 split between two Barclay Arrival cards that was coded as travel from a third party seller, arestravel.com. I used the Barclay points to rebate the transactions as a statement credit and believe I did get the 10% rebate on the points used. I was quite happy to have used this method. Saved me $943 on Disney tickets.

Barclay Arrival card is also currently offering it’s best ever 70k points signup bonus on $5k spend so now is an excellent time to apply for the card (can usually do this every 12 months after closing the previous card) and I just got approved for my new card last month. At the time I signed up it only offered 60k point bonus but a quick call and ask, Barclay confirmed they would match the new 70k offer.

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Wow, I got no email on this, but it appears you can get $25 off each priceline.com purchase up to $50 per week with no minimum spend and $400 for the entire promotion period. Stacks with coupons and other deals too.


Warning: avoid adding AUs and changing billing address within a short period.

I had to do this within a 2 week period. Prior to doing this, I almost never had a declined change, as long as there was available credit on the account. Now, even after I’d had multiple verification calls and meticulous account notations, the account remains much twitchier RE large charges than it ever was before.

(Interestingly, the attempted authorization vendor and amount showed in the “temp authorizations” section of transactions, However, the available credit wasn’t reduced, confirming its status as declined.)

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Any of you guys in NY next week? (May 30th)

There’s a free screening for Godzilla open exclusively to Priceline card holders (you get two tickets, popcorn and a soda)


Playing around with the url a bit also shows some Fidelity cards in TX/GA/IL and Chase MP in IL, but those are all sold out. Really strange how this is the only Barclays card on the list.

Any recent data points on whether a “pay it now” hotel room is triggering the travel bonus?

To follow up from my post just above: now that things have settled down, no more hold or related issues.

In Barclays-related news:


It looks like Barclays is re-evaluating their own branded (i.e. Barclays branded) credit card portfolio. Any tinkering with their cards always piques my interest given my desire for them to continue to leave the legacy Priceline card alone.

This card is very similar to the legacy Priceline card in its reward structure - 2% back on purchases, a bonus on travel-related redemption, etc. Of course, this one has an annual fee while the grandfathered Priceline card does not.