Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

US Bank is making a change to the Cash+ Visa categories for next quarter. The following was on my statement that just closed…

“New! TV, Internet and Streaming Services will replace Car Rentals as a new 5% Cash+ Category starting April 1, 2019. This category includes merchants such as Netflix, Comcast, DIRECTV®, Hulu and Apple Music.”

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The US Bank Q2 categories are open for enrollment. However, the “Activate categories” button does not work after it becomes red. If I choose “Estimate cash back”, the “Activate now!” button does not work, either. I tried IE11 and Chrome under Win7.

I was able to enroll in Q2 categories today. I used Chrome on Windows 10.

Yes, the enrollment form has been fixed.

Chase Freedom

Q2 2019 cats:

Grocery stores

Home Improvement stores

Decent :grinning:

Starts April Fool’s Day.

Looks like signup commences . . maybe . . tomorrow?

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It’s open now. I just finished the annual limit for the 6% Amex BCP. Good time to switch to Chase for more grocery shopping.

Yup. I just signed up. 5% off on groceries works for me, too! :grinning:

Bump! Discover added Paypal to Q3, and they added Walmart.com (website only) and Target (B&M or online) to Q4! (updated for Target, see below)


From Discover Q4 T&C:
" Target purchases include any purchase made online at Target.com, through the Target app, or in-store at Target"


Just a datapoint (and because I got a special Instacart offer from Aldi in my email) but Chase Freedom codes both Aldi and Instacart as “Grocery” and both appear to get the 5%.


I didn’t realize how much of a gift this was when I first read it. Now that I’ve gotten the notice from Discover, it is sinking in. Discover explicitly allows sending money to a friend with Paypal. Ergo, this is an instant $75. No MS needed … just a Player 2.

minus the fees

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Oh yeah. In my enthusiasm, I forgot that one of us would be the recipient and would have to pay the fees. So it is just a net of $31.20.

But it still works out for a lot of purchases that you can route through Paypal instead of paying directly with your credit card. In fact, the fees make this method probably the better way, just use P2P transfer to top off the for the quarter I guess.


This is icing on the cake for the occasions that PayPal (PayPal Digital Gifts) offers those 15% off of $100 iTunes Gift Cards via eBay. So if you pay with PayPal using your linked Discover, you get the 5% on top of the already discounted iTunes GC.

If you’re really not sure what to do… do Kiva loans (and hopefully benefit the world via micro loans - debatable as per recent blog posts), and hopefully recoup >95% of your principal.
Or pay your taxes via Payusatax.com via Paypal (1.96% fee). Maybe lower your withholding during this time period so you don’t have to wait till next spring to get your refund.

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Bump! Chase Q3 bonus announced: gas and streaming services (Apple Music, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, SiriusXM, Sling, Spotify, and Vudu). Registration opens on Saturday.

If you’re not sure how to use your gas bonus… 7-eleven sells $500 visa/mastercard gift cards. 7-eleven stores code as gas, regardless of whether they have a pump or not. The system lets you can buy 1 per transaction. Whether you’re allowed to use credit card, or whether they will allow 2 back to back transactions… YMMV depending on clerk/store.

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Does that work with Discover as well, which has 5% gas this quarter?

Yes, Discover codes 7-eleven stores, including those without pumps, as gas. And then you get 5% cashback (if you are registered for the promo and within the $1500 of spend/quarter cap)

I concur. Chase Freedom & Disc It code 7/11 as gas…even if no pumps. We are a lucky bunch. Been doing this category for years at 7/11.