Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

If you like my spreadsheet, just copy-and-paste into your own spreadsheet. I have cards that you might not have and vice-versa. Don’t try to mess up my cashback mojo!

Bump. Chase Q1 2019 known, and Discover entire 2019 calendar known.


I made an attempt to update the table to new format (it was a simple copy and paste). Please revert if this is undesirable.

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You did what now? There are way too many vertical bars. It should be one bar per column, and there are only 5 columns.

Also Citi Div released 2019 categories.

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Citi 2019 categories added!


Added Gas category for 2019, it had gotten removed in one of the edits evidently.

Anyone know if Discover grocery category includes/excludes WM Neighborhood Market? T&C says grocery stores “associated with” discount stores don’t count, which made me hesitate.

My experience is that Discover has not counted Neighborhood Markets for the 5% grocery bonus.


Added Nusenda. It’s a little bit annoying to apply if you don’t live nearby, since you have to join this NM Wildlife Association to be a part of their CU, but they do have categories that complement the other cards. The easiest way to redeem is via “transaction eraser”, but their whole IT stack is a bit of a mess.

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US Bank is making a change to the Cash+ Visa categories for next quarter. The following was on my statement that just closed…

“New! TV, Internet and Streaming Services will replace Car Rentals as a new 5% Cash+ Category starting April 1, 2019. This category includes merchants such as Netflix, Comcast, DIRECTV®, Hulu and Apple Music.”

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The US Bank Q2 categories are open for enrollment. However, the “Activate categories” button does not work after it becomes red. If I choose “Estimate cash back”, the “Activate now!” button does not work, either. I tried IE11 and Chrome under Win7.

I was able to enroll in Q2 categories today. I used Chrome on Windows 10.

Yes, the enrollment form has been fixed.

Chase Freedom

Q2 2019 cats:

Grocery stores

Home Improvement stores

Decent :grinning:

Starts April Fool’s Day.

Looks like signup commences . . maybe . . tomorrow?

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It’s open now. I just finished the annual limit for the 6% Amex BCP. Good time to switch to Chase for more grocery shopping.

Yup. I just signed up. 5% off on groceries works for me, too! :grinning:

Bump! Discover added Paypal to Q3, and they added Walmart.com (website only) and Target (B&M or online) to Q4! (updated for Target, see below)


From Discover Q4 T&C:
" Target purchases include any purchase made online at Target.com, through the Target app, or in-store at Target"


Just a datapoint (and because I got a special Instacart offer from Aldi in my email) but Chase Freedom codes both Aldi and Instacart as “Grocery” and both appear to get the 5%.


I didn’t realize how much of a gift this was when I first read it. Now that I’ve gotten the notice from Discover, it is sinking in. Discover explicitly allows sending money to a friend with Paypal. Ergo, this is an instant $75. No MS needed … just a Player 2.