Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards


If you like my spreadsheet, just copy-and-paste into your own spreadsheet. I have cards that you might not have and vice-versa. Don’t try to mess up my cashback mojo!


Bump. Chase Q1 2019 known, and Discover entire 2019 calendar known.


I made an attempt to update the table to new format (it was a simple copy and paste). Please revert if this is undesirable.


You did what now? There are way too many vertical bars. It should be one bar per column, and there are only 5 columns.

Also Citi Div released 2019 categories.


Citi 2019 categories added!


Added Gas category for 2019, it had gotten removed in one of the edits evidently.


Anyone know if Discover grocery category includes/excludes WM Neighborhood Market? T&C says grocery stores “associated with” discount stores don’t count, which made me hesitate.


My experience is that Discover has not counted Neighborhood Markets for the 5% grocery bonus.


Added Nusenda. It’s a little bit annoying to apply if you don’t live nearby, since you have to join this NM Wildlife Association to be a part of their CU, but they do have categories that complement the other cards. The easiest way to redeem is via “transaction eraser”, but their whole IT stack is a bit of a mess.


US Bank is making a change to the Cash+ Visa categories for next quarter. The following was on my statement that just closed…

“New! TV, Internet and Streaming Services will replace Car Rentals as a new 5% Cash+ Category starting April 1, 2019. This category includes merchants such as Netflix, Comcast, DIRECTV®, Hulu and Apple Music.”


The US Bank Q2 categories are open for enrollment. However, the “Activate categories” button does not work after it becomes red. If I choose “Estimate cash back”, the “Activate now!” button does not work, either. I tried IE11 and Chrome under Win7.


I was able to enroll in Q2 categories today. I used Chrome on Windows 10.


Yes, the enrollment form has been fixed.


Chase Freedom

Q2 2019 cats:

Grocery stores

Home Improvement stores

Decent :grinning:

Starts April Fool’s Day.

Looks like signup commences . . maybe . . tomorrow?


It’s open now. I just finished the annual limit for the 6% Amex BCP. Good time to switch to Chase for more grocery shopping.


Yup. I just signed up. 5% off on groceries works for me, too! :grinning: