Lifetime Small Condo Ownership Discussion

Lifetime Small Condo Ownership Discussion


Because they’re stupid.


Almost as stupid as dry walling over your bedroom windows.


Just not big enough for me. I think I’d be really happy with 1,000 sq feet, but 600 sq foot tiny house is too small. Also, they tend to be built super close to one another, and probably have poor sound insulation so I worry I’d hear my neighbors


Modifications can be reversed- provided you hold the property long enough to make it worth the trouble.

It would be easier to just use an eyeshade. Or build a big walk in closet and sleep in it, NYC style.

Realistically, given your ideas/constraints about features, you should just build something on a lot, or in a loft-like gutted commercial space.


I’m with you on the light pollution at night. I’m trying to narrow down why I sleep so well in hotels and so horribly at home. Darker curtains and covering the Victorian upper transom windows to start…

Interesting thread. Keep us posted.


I’ll add… An apartment with no cabinetry in the kitchen in favor of full size restaurant appliances, including a giant gas-fired salamander (broiler) and metal restaurant tables. It also had a giant bath with a high-school locker room style shower for 8. I’ll bet the parties were pretty good in that house.


Do we want a “real estate” subforum?


I think led lighting (cheap) has exacerbated this problem. There’s lots of people who think lighting up the whole house and yards all night so that burglars can easily see what they’re doing without sticking out is “good for security”.
A burglar with a flashlight or a burglar triggering motion triggered lighting, on the other hand, do both stick out.


Agree. Outside light (without cameras) is more about feeling safe than being safe, at least for violent crime. But I live in downtown New Orleans, so it never gets that dark outside anyway.


You know, some garages don’t have windows. Sleep in the garage. You’re welcome.


It’s all about deterrence. Thief is going down the street deciding which car to smash and grab. They are more likely to skip the houses with good lighting than the ones with pitch black driveways. Your motion detected light helps some after the thief has picked your driveway, but I’d prefer they move past my driveway in the first place.

I don’t bother with overnight flood lights in the backyard (which are more likely to annoy my neighbors than driveway floods) because overnight burglaries of the actual living quarters are extremely rare.

Now that I type this out though, I’m realizing the problem with my plan which worked so well for the past few years. I parked my car in the driveway under the floodlights. It was an old car and I didn’t care about how clean it was. Parking it in the driveway meant lots of tree sap, grime, and bird droppings. Now I have a newer car that I want to keep clean, so I park it on the street so it’s not under a tree. The flood lights aren’t deterring anything for that car anymore. Ugh. Time to look into a car port.




No Garage?


1 car garage. Guess who’s car is in the garage.